When NIP+FAB first released their beauty range I didn't fall into the hype straight away, the only thing I ended up purchasing was their eyeshadow palette and I completely avoided their liquid lipsticks as they looked far too light for my complexion - I prefer darker browns/nudes/pinks. 

A few days ago I picked up the concealer in '20' and the orange corrector after seeing quite a few people on instagram using them in mini tutorials, what drew me into purchasing the corrector was that it wasn't super orange like all the other correctors I've ever used - sometimes I find the colour still peaks through my foundation making that area look orange and I really hate it when that happens because I don't want to be adding tones of foundation on top to get rid of the orange-ness on my skin.

What I've loved about the NIP+FAB corrector is that it doesn't peak through my foundation and it's much thinner in consistency which is a plus because then my under eyes doesn't feel as heavy and caked on. It colour corrects my pigmented areas so much better comparing it to a popular corrector like L.A girl orange corrector or the NYX one, its slightly lighter and not as full on which I personally prefer.

The concealer is amazing - the formula is thicker which I don't mind because it has great coverage although I do feel like they need a shade in-between because 20 blends into almost my foundation shade and I usually like it to be a tad lighter. After the concealer sets it looks so flawless, I was in awe because it looked like I had already set it with a powder thats how nicely it settled into my skin!

They both get a thumbs up from me, I highly recommend them and its currently half price in store and online for only £4.47! 



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