Personalised Travel/Make-Up Bag

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I'm going on holiday in a few months time and was in need of a small travel bag to put all my necessities in for when I'm on the plane. When I visited Paris 2 years ago naturally due to the horrible recycled air in the plane my skin felt stripped of its natural oils and super dry/dull so this time I was not going to risk that happening again, I will be putting my skincare favourites in this little bag to make sure my skin stays nice and moist during my journey. I will be doing a video soon on what I'll be taking with me on holiday - from skincare, make-up and clothes so stay tuned for that in the next few weeks.

I purchased this customised bag from eBay, it cost me less than £10 and it fits all the bits and bobs that I will 100% be using on the plane. I think anything that's customised with your name on it just adds a cute little touch, don't you think? There's 3 sizes to choose from - small, medium and large but I opted for size small because it fits perfectly into my side bag and so do the travel size containers I've bought to go inside. I love the font too it's chic and right up my street - for now its living on my desk until I'm ready to pack and fly out!

1 comment

  1. this pouch is really pretty with such a nice colour. i am going to make sure i get to have one for putting my little stuff as well. keep posting


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