It's time I update you all with my weight loss journey seeing as I keep getting loads of requests to do so; a lot has gone on so grab a cuppa and lets catch up. I know to some this blogpost may sound very weird and random but honestly this is my LIFE and what I struggle with every day.

A few days ago I did go on a little rant/break down on my instagram story regarding my current situation, and it's not gotten easier over the past few months with my horrible eating habits. First of all I want to state that I'm already under going some counselling and regular visits to a nutritionist to make sure that I'm still at a healthy weight - which I am I just lack a lot of iron (I am anaemic) and vitamins. It may sound weird to say this but I haven't got a good relationship with food in general, most times I hate the thought of 'food' and what it does to my moods sometimes when I get into what I call 'funks' of not knowing what to eat. I think in order for us to be able to eat food, you do have to enjoy it and want to physically eat it; for me the thought process of eating the food can make me feel uncomfortable, which then leads to me not eating at all.

What I've learnt with my eating habit is that if I find something that I really enjoy I will eat that almost everyday because I know it makes me happy and keeps me full, downside is that it eventually does catch up and I get bored which = not eating it ever again and then the struggle to find a new meal that I enjoy starts again.

I'm trying to get through this by just taking each day as it comes, some days are better than others and I'm pushing myself to just get better with my eating and continue to strive for a healthy lifestyle. I know whenever someone comments about my weight loss they just want to know how I've done it and want tips but I do feel guilty inside hence why I needed to write this blogpost and just be honest. I have not lost weight in the healthiest way and thats the truth of it.

throwback: 2015
With the weight I'm loosing its not helping my figure and I can see that everyday, I did briefly join the gym but never had time to attend so I quit but have begun working out at home. I use Charlotte Crosby's 3 Minute Bum Blitz during the weekend to do some workouts and I actually do enjoy it! I haven't seen any results yet because I've only just started but I will keep you all updated.

I also want to thank you all for the amount of DM's I received on the day I had my little breakdown, I still have a few people I haven't replied to but I'm getting there I promise - I appreciate all your support so much through this hard time I'm having to go through. I also received an email from a lovely girl called Nazrin, her story actually had me in tears because I can relate to it so much; I've linked it down below so please have a read.

I hope this answered any questions, but if you do have anymore please feel free to DM me on Instagram or email me!

Nazrin's Blog -

Weight Loss Journey: Working Out From Home & Eating Habits


I'm always changing around my vanity area, de-cluttering and re-vamping seeing as its my work space I like to keep it very minimal; I hate it when theres too much going on it almost distracts me from doing what I need to do. I'm always getting questions on where I purchase my storage from and how I actually keep it stored away - I like to keep majority of my collection in the draws of my IKEA Micke desk.

I always get questions on where this black desk organiser is from, I actually found it lying around in my house so I took full advantage of it and now it stores my thin palettes, MAC lipsticks and my current favourite foundations. If you look around in Paperchase, WHSmith or even check on eBay by typing 'desk organiser' I'm sure something will come up. I currently only have 1 acrylic storage from MUJI as majority of my make up is stored in draws.

The first draw holds my most used/go-to liquid lipsticks, second holds my eyeshadow brushes because I find that having them stored away keeps them nice and clean ready for use; I used to have them out in cute little cups but I found that dust gathered really fast and its not really hygienic. The last draw holds holds some random bits and bobs, some highlighters/brow products and more.

purchase here -  Acrylic Box - 3 Draws

 I purchased these containers from MUJI after watching Viviana Does Make Up's video on how she stores her make up, she's one of my absolute favourite YouTuber's! She's very minimal when it comes to her vanity area and that's exactly how I am, I don't like clutter it honestly gives me a headache.

I've got 2 big trays, one is full of my foundations and the other has some random glitters, eyeshadow palettes and stick highlighters.

purchase here - PP Vanity Case - 1/4

The smaller one consist of things like correctors/concealer/contouring products! These containers have changed my life, instead of having all my make up stuffed into this draw everything is now categorised and I find that its just so much easier to find products.

purchase here - PP Make Up Tray - S

The longer case is just full of liquid lipsticks/lipsticks that I just don't reach out to anymore, I do sometimes go through this to find products that I once loved and used religiously! I also have another full of glitters, cream eyeshadow pots and more.

purchase here - PP Vanity Case 1/2 Long

I purchased this letter holder from Amazon as I needed somewhere to put my most used eyeshadow palettes - they were living in my draw but it was getting a little tight and I also kept forgetting to use them. I got the OSCO Acrylic letter holder after seeing a few reviews online, once it arrived it wasn't as amazing as the reviews said it was... my palettes just about fit in this, they actually slightly come out on the sides but its not so noticeable. The letter holder hasn't got a big enough gap in-between each slot to fit a good few palettes, so even now they are a little tight but its not as cramped in my draws anymore which is a plus and I've gotten more use out of them!

purchase here - OSCO Acrylic Letter Holder

How I Store My Make Up | MUJI

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Drugstore skincare has been upping its game recently, I can put my hands up and say I have my fair share of more affordable (yet effective) products in my skincare regime which I absolutely love. This new 'Fine Flowers' range by L'Oreal has been floating all around Instagram recently so I picked up the cleanser and the wipes to give it a try and heres my verdict after using it for a few weeks.

L'Oreal Fine Flowers Gel Cleanser 
If you have read my skincare routine (find it here) then you'll know that I do majority of it in the shower, I just find it easier and more quicker if I'm honest. I've been using this gel cleanser with my Magnitone face brush and it cleanses my skin so well, even after when I come out the shower and continue with my skincare routine such as toning my skin I never find any make up residue on the cotton pad which is always a good sign. The downfall to this is that the scent is nothing like rose or jasmine; to me it strongly smells like chlorine and reminds me of how much I hated going swimming when I was a child! It hasn't broken me out at all, it makes my skin feel super soft however it does leave a tight feeling which just makes me want to moisturise right away.

L'Oreal Fine Flowers Wipes
The wipes on the other hand have a very refreshing scent and feel super moisturising on my skin, I've loved using it in the morning before applying my moisturiser and doing my make up or even at the end of the night just before toning my skin.

What are your thoughts?

purchase here:
 Fine Flowers Gel Cream Wash
Fine Flowers Cleansing Wipes 

Loreal Fine Flowers Gel Cream Wash & Wipes


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