Review: ABH Ultimate Glow Kit


I screamed when I received this a few weeks ago for my anniversary, I still am in awe with how beautiful this palette is and the fact that its limited edition and its in my possession just makes me even more happier - confessions of a beauty blogger. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills never disappoints with the glam packaging, this glow kit was larger than expected and has a decent size mirror - the pans are also bigger than the ones in her other glow kits which means more product yay!

I wanted to show you all some swatches and my thoughts on the product itself, I've read some reviews online and it was looking very 50/50. After doing a good snoop around I noticed that the same complaint kept creeping up over and over again which was the highlighter having way too much glitter in it. When it first arrived I swatched it right away and it proved that the reviews were true, there are some glittery bits in the highlight but personally it didn't bother me because I'm all up for a blinding highlighter so to me it wasn't that big of a deal. It does state on the website that these highlighters have a shimmery/metallic finish so it was no surprise, I was expecting it to be this way but for others the glittery-ness may have been a huge let down especially seeing as the other glow kits have less fall out, creamier in texture and also look more subtle on the cheekbones.

What I love is that I can use this palette on my eyes too, the product is super pigmented and it has a 'metallic' effect so this would instantly make my eyes pop, I love that this palette is multi-purpose too.

L-R: Snow, White Sand & Golden Dawn
L-R: Sunray, Amber Gold & Hot Sand
I only found two problems with this palette, one being there is a considerable amount of fall-out when I dip my brush into the pan, which then leads me onto my second con which in that you cannot use a fan brush with this product - it will only pick up the glitter chunks and not the full pigment. I recommend using a synthetic brush, I use the Jessup 'tapered brush' and it leaves the perfect finish. Other than two two cons I absolutely love this palette and recommend it to those of you that want to be spotted from a mile away with a light-bulb on your cheekbones! Just to remind you all that this palette is limited edition - get it whilst its in stock ladies.

Purchase via Cult Beauty -  buy here
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