I really do wish I was a bookworm sometimes, I've bought tones of books in the past but they've all gathered dust as I never got round to reading them. I saw this book being raved about loads online especially on tumblr pages and Instagram - the poetry was so beautiful and relatable that I had to buy it. 

There's 4 topics within this book that I believe all women have been through once in their life, each page describes how we might have felt or can be feeling in this moment in time and it truly is deep. Honestly the poetry in this book had me in tears at some points, it took me back to some memories even I forgot about but I just couldn't put it down. The illustrations in this book are beautiful and unique, I love everything about this! I 100% recommend it.

Milk and Honey - purchase here 

Current Favourite Read


After posting my morning/evening skincare routine I got loads of requests to do more skincare related blogposts and seeing as I am trying new skincare at the moment I'm taking the opportunity to let you all know my thoughts on them and if they're worth purchasing.

Garnier Micellar Gel Wash
I saw this being promoted in Boots a few weeks about and picked it up because I love both the Garnier Micellar Water and Oil Infused version of the cleansing water. I enjoy using gel based cleansers because its easier to use in the shower which is where I usually do all my skincare, I used this with my favourite skincare device which is the Magnitone brush - find the review here. This cleanser did not work at all for me, I came out the shower and whilst toning my face I found that there was still a significant amount make up left which was so disappointing because I had high hopes, even whilst using it I felt like my skin wasn't getting squeaky clean like it usually does - I think I'll stick to the original Micellar Cleansing Water, its truly the best!

purchase here.

NIP + FAB Glycollic Scrub Fix
I'm onto my third tube of this product, its made the biggest difference to my skincare recently and I cannot get enough of it! The scrub itself has beneficial ingredients that retextures, brightens and really exfoliates the skin. The scrub is super fine but creamy on the skin, after using this my skin has been extra soft and clear so I recommend this highly, for those of you that have drier skin I'd recommend using it twice a week to avoid your skin getting irritated. Overall this has done wonders to my clogged pores and my slightly blemish-prone skin at the moment.

purchase here.

Pure Aloe Vera Gel 
I've been suffering with loads of under the skin bumps (pimples) scarring from spots and dry skin again so I googled what would help towards fading the scars and also in general for healing my dry skin and Aloe Vera was a very popular suggestion. I purchased mine from Holland & Barrett and have been using it religiously every night, I just pop some onto the effected areas and let it dry in, it tightens the area without making it feel dry and I have noticed that the bumps under the skin on my forehead have reduced a lot! You can use Aloe Vera Gel to make loads of different diy face masks at home too, I'm excited to try some out soon and get back to you all.

purchase here.

B. Hyaluronic Acid Spritz
I love using this before anything goes on top of my skin that includes any skincare or make up, it soothes my skin and has such a refreshing scent to it. This facial spray also claims that it has 12 hours of moisture which I can't say is true as I have very dry skin at the moment, but it definitely does keep my skin nice and hydrated for a good hour or two. I like to keep one in my bag as the bottle is slim and convenient for when I need a touch up during the day.

purchase here.

Garnier Moisture Bomb Day Cream
This moisturiser feels amazing on the skin and definitely lives up to the name of it being a 'bomb of moisture'. This instantly adds hydration to the skin, and what the best part is that it doesn't leave that 'sticky' feeling either after its settled in. I usually avoid drugstore moisturisers because I have used one in the past that has made my skin break out but this one is a 10/10 for me, if you have very dry skin I highly recommend this.

purchase here.

NIP + FAB Cleansing Pads
Everyone and their mum raves about the NIP + FAB cleansing pads - there are three types you can get one is the extreme night pads and the other exfoliating cleansing pad. The one that I have is the Dragons Blood Fix Cleansing Pads, I purchased this soley because I have been using the Dragons Blood Plumping Serum so I wanted to pair the two together in order to see best results obviously, I have loved using this every other day to deeply cleanse my skin. Its enriched with salicylic and hyaluronic which makes the skin look more plump and has a lasting effect of hydration, the only down side to this was that I found them to be very very wet in texture, but once it dries its perfectly fine and leaves my skin feeling smooth. 

purchase here.

Testing Drugstore Skincare


When I saw this in Superdrugs I instantly fell in love with it, Make Up Revolution is really killing it with their palettes right now! 

I already own the 'Hot Spice' blush palette and I use it on a daily basis, when I saw this Rose Gold Edition I just knew it had to be mine and I was not leaving the shop without it. This contains more highlighters and there are only 2 matte shades which surprisingly compliments my NC37-40 complexion, it is very wearable and noticeable on the cheeks so don't be put off from the pictures as it really does not do the palette enough justice. 

The product is pigmented and blends like a dream, I use my favourite blush brush which is the Real Techniques Blush Blush to apply the darker matte shade to my cheeks and using my Certifeye Fan Brush I apply the highlight shade that is beside the darker blush - it creates such a beautiful glow to the skin and I'm always getting compliments when I have this duo on. The product itself is so finely milled, I barely see any specs of glitter only when the light hits my cheekbones but it actually looks very flattering, what I also love about this product is that you can wear it very lightly or build it up to have a more intense look.

If you're looking to try highlighters but want something more budget friendly I highly recommend this as it only costs £6 from Superdrugs and you get the chance to try 6 with a range of undertones.

swatches of my favourite highlighters from this palette!

Purchase Here - Make Up Revolution Golden Sugar Rose Gold 

The Best £6 Highlight/Blush Palette!


I stumbled across this brand in Beauty Base (Westfield Stratford City) and saw the huge range of lipstick shades, I got swatching and I saw this colour called 'Taupe Envy' and I instantly thought could it possibly be a dupe of my favourite lipstick by MAC called 'Taupe'. I purchased it without thinking twice as it only costs £1.15 As soon as I got home I checked if it could be a dupe and I was shocked in how similar it was to the infamous MAC lipstick. 

There are some differences in these lipsticks, LA Colours 'Taupe Envy' is very moisturising but it does state that on the website as its enriched with Vitamin E & Aloe Vera. I don't find it shiny, it just feels and looks more moist on the lips if that makes sense - translucent powder on top makes it matte instantly and this is what I typically do with my MAC 'Taupe' anyways because I prefer a full on matte finish. Obviously the packaging isn't so glamorous, but you'll be saving a lot more money on this lipstick instead of always repurchasing the MAC one for £15.50. 

I can't find the lipstick anywhere online apart from two websites, one is called shopmissa.com but there is a risk of getting customs, there is another UK website that I found but again once you add delivery charges you are better off going into store as there are loads in stock. If anyone does find it online anywhere else please let me know so I can make life easy for everyone and link it directly on here, much love!

without flash
with flash
L-R: LA Colours 'Taupe Envy' & MAC Taupe
L-R: LA Colours 'Taupe Envy' & MAC Taupe
purchase here - shopmissa
purchase here - comedic.co.uk



I screamed when I received this a few weeks ago for my anniversary, I still am in awe with how beautiful this palette is and the fact that its limited edition and its in my possession just makes me even more happier - confessions of a beauty blogger. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills never disappoints with the glam packaging, this glow kit was larger than expected and has a decent size mirror - the pans are also bigger than the ones in her other glow kits which means more product yay!

I wanted to show you all some swatches and my thoughts on the product itself, I've read some reviews online and it was looking very 50/50. After doing a good snoop around I noticed that the same complaint kept creeping up over and over again which was the highlighter having way too much glitter in it. When it first arrived I swatched it right away and it proved that the reviews were true, there are some glittery bits in the highlight but personally it didn't bother me because I'm all up for a blinding highlighter so to me it wasn't that big of a deal. It does state on the website that these highlighters have a shimmery/metallic finish so it was no surprise, I was expecting it to be this way but for others the glittery-ness may have been a huge let down especially seeing as the other glow kits have less fall out, creamier in texture and also look more subtle on the cheekbones.

What I love is that I can use this palette on my eyes too, the product is super pigmented and it has a 'metallic' effect so this would instantly make my eyes pop, I love that this palette is multi-purpose too.

L-R: Snow, White Sand & Golden Dawn
L-R: Sunray, Amber Gold & Hot Sand
I only found two problems with this palette, one being there is a considerable amount of fall-out when I dip my brush into the pan, which then leads me onto my second con which in that you cannot use a fan brush with this product - it will only pick up the glitter chunks and not the full pigment. I recommend using a synthetic brush, I use the Jessup 'tapered brush' and it leaves the perfect finish. Other than two two cons I absolutely love this palette and recommend it to those of you that want to be spotted from a mile away with a light-bulb on your cheekbones! Just to remind you all that this palette is limited edition - get it whilst its in stock ladies.

Purchase via Cult Beauty -  buy here
Purchase via BeautyBay - buy here

Review: ABH Ultimate Glow Kit


After using this foundation and concealer for nearly over a month I'm ready to give you all my honest review, I'm a little late to the bandwagon but cannot wait to share my thoughts as this foundation/concealer has been extremely hyped about since its release.

Too Faced Cosmetics Website...
"Born This Way is an oil-free foundation that masterfully diffuses the line between makeup and skin. For coverage so undetectable, you can’t see the makeup and you can’t see imperfections—all that’s left is naturally radiant skin that looks like you were Born This Way."

To me foundation is the most important part of my make up, I could buy everything else from the drugstore and rock it but the base product is something I will always invest in first. I'm in love with the name of this foundation as it truly does deliver a 'Born This Way' look, the coverage is medium to build-able but looks very skin like; feels weightless and looks flawless. What I also love about this product is that it has beneficial skincare ingredients, it contains coconut water, alpine rose and hyaluronic acid that are amazing treats for our skin - I find it so cool that this foundation is a hybrid between make up and skincare!

I suffer with normal/dry skin and during winter it does tend to get worse, but regardless of that when I apply this foundation it goes on smoothly and adds a tone of moisture into the skin - credit obviously goes to the ingredients that have been put into this foundation. My skin instantly looks radiant and youthful, I wouldn't say the finish is dewy' but its not matte' either; it sits in between both which is exactly what I like. If you have oily skin I would recommend wearing a mattifying primer underneath to add longevity just because this foundation has so many moisturising ingredients that may make your skin look greasy instead. I get the best finish when using a damp beauty blender, it gives me a very natural finish with amazing coverage.

The foundation has a total of 18 shades available, I was matched to the shade 'Sand' and for reference I'm between MAC NC37-40.

Onto the concealer which I purchased late last year to match with the foundation, again just like the foundation this concealer is super hydrating under the eyes which is where I mostly suffer with dry skin so this was definitely a treat to my skin. The coverage is not as full as e.g NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer but it does cover up darkness under the eyes and marks around the face very well, the under eyes instantly look super radiant and brightening on the face which I love. I did find it quite hard to find a matching concealer in store, I couldn't find a shade that had the perfect yellow undertone to it but the shade 'Medium' matched the foundation shade in 'Sand' I use the best.

L-R: Born This Way Medium Concealer & Born This Way Sand Foundation 

Review: Too Faced Born This Way Foundation & Concealer


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