Weekly Update #14 | Hello again!

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3 months later... Hi again! Hope all is well, gosh it definitely has been a while since I've sat down and blogged about my week and how I am in general. This is going to be a very ramble-y blogpost so maybe grab some junk food or if you're like me a hot cuppa and relax, besides that's what lazy sundays are for right?

I had a super long week, it was my best friends birthday on Wednesday and we dined at the beautiful restaurant called 'Tarshish' located in Wood Green. It's super classy, roof top dinner and such delicious food - I honestly loved it. If you have a birthday or a special event coming up I highly recommend you check it out the atmosphere and customer service is 10/10. Sorry I have 0 pictures to show you but check out their website here:

I finally watched 'Girl on the Train' on Friday I literally pee'd twice before watching the movie because I was so nervous - weird right? I never read the book but I saw the trailer 100 times before it was released and was so excited for it to come out ever since. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, I'm not going to spoil it for those of you that haven't watched it but if you've watched 'Gone Girl' the movie kind of reminds me of that because of the way it was directed.

A few ago I posted about my weight loss journey, the pro's and con's I've been going through and to be honest it hasn't gotten easier... if anything its just going more and more down hill. I'm so off my food right now, this has been the most I've been put off ever since this weight loss started. No matter how much I try to make my family/friends/colleagues understand that sometimes I get full quicker or I can't eat a certain thing I get the odd looks, or get told I'm 'silly' or 'picky'.

Whatever it is I am going through right now has got to be one of the hardest things just because I cannot understand it myself to be able to explain to others. I've been getting myself checked out regularly at the doctors, trying to get the best advice from nutritionists about the right food I should eat etc. Sometimes when I get messages from followers about what I eat, or what I'm doing to loose weight its so hard for me to reply because I don't understand whats happening myself.

I like to be honest with you all to the core of it, when I'm happy when I'm sad but right now other than the one problem I'm having I can say I am so happy. I feel happy to say that, in fact I have a huge smile on my face whilst typing this (cheesy I know) but I think that's because its been such a roller coaster of a year for me, it finally feels right to say those words.

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  1. Welcome back :) Looking forward to reading more posts! Lauren - www.theyoproedit.com


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