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I thought I'd write a post about the importance of mental health because 99% of the time its brushed under the carpet and that is not ok, our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Our mental health reflects in every aspect of our lives; how we think, feel, deal with stress, make choices... the list goes on. 

I've come across many people that have a complete different opinion to me on this particular topic, some have never been in any form of a 'low mood' so to them this may seem a little 'over exaggerated' which is not something you say to someone regardless of your own opinion, we're all different and entitled to feel anything we want. From my own experience I have been told that I'm 'silly' or 'I'm doing this to myself' or the best one is 'snap out of it' and I think people tend to forget its not as easy as snapping out of a low mood or something as serious as depression. Being told that the emotions that we are unable to control are 'silly' never makes the situation easier neither does it make the process of getting better quicker... 

I personally am a believer in getting therapy (although there are many pro's and con's) when I was a teenager dealing with depressing after being bullied I visited a psychiatrist regularly to talk about my feelings but now at the age of 21 I don't feel like its helped me as much, almost like I've outgrown it, but now as I've grown up I solely believe in self healing. Changing the way you think about yourself and any situation is the big step to recovery, thinking positively and beginning to take baby steps into doing what makes YOU feel good will slowly bring back the happiness you've been missing. It's helped me significantly over the last few months when I've found myself having low self esteem. 

Advice I would like to give to the people that are dealing with a loved one that is suffering from any type of mental health disorder is to have patience. I know first hand that there is only so much patience one person can actually have but it is vital that you are able to support them by encouraging them to get the correct help they need. Remember not everyone is the same, each individual is unique therefor their coping mechanisms are different to others, it may take some time to see what works well but there always is something that can be done - so don't think there is no hope. When you find yourself getting frustrated try to remember the good in the person, theres always a valid reason to why someone has ended up the way that they are. 

Don't take it all up on yourself, you cannot rescue someone that is dealing with depression you can only support them. Ultimately the individual that is going through depression is the only person that can fix the problem, remember its a choice that they have to make not you. 

I hope this blog post has helped whomever is reading, one day things will get better, it may not be perfect but it sure will be better than what it is. My email is up on the top right hand side of my blog, please feel free to send me a message with any concerns/problems/advice and I'd be happy to help or even just listen.

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