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I'm always on the hunt for good eBay brushes just because its affordable and I have bought many that have been pretty impressive in the past plus its perfect for beginners. I was looking to test some eyeshadow brushes (not everyone can afford an eyeshadow brush set by Zoeva) so I went onto eBay searched for the product and also refined my search to UK only because sometimes the postage can take up to a month as it comes from China - it is reasonably cheaper but I'd rather pay a pound or two extra to get it quicker.

I found two sets of brushes that both in total cost me less than £10! The gold and black set was £3.99 and came with 7 beautiful brushes and the black set that was only £2.99 comes with only 4 brushes but they are a little different to the brushes from the gold set.

The black brush from this set has got to be my favourite, it is so fluffy and blends my eye make up so well. I love how flexible it is and seeing as 99% of the time I'm on wearing one colour on my lids this blends it all out super fast without any fuss.

The only problem that I had with the black and gold brush set is that after washing them some bristles did shed and go wonky which was a little disappointing but hey for £3.99 you can't go wrong - just simply snip off the bent bristles if they bug you a lot.

7 piece gold set
4 piece black set

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