Weight Loss Journey: Pros & Serious Cons...


As promised I'm back and I'm ready to talk you all through my weight loss journey! 
I don't want to waffle on too much on the subject of 'why' because I did do a full blogpost which you can read here - it covers pretty much everything. I want to now take this opportunity to be honest with you all, I think its vital that you all know that sometimes being in the mind set of loosing weight can cause more cons than pros. So here's my story...

I started to drop weight very quickly just before Ramadan 2016, this was first caused by a lot of stress (work/home-life/etc) and then slowly I began to have weak appetite in general, that then lead me to actually living a very unhealthy life style, missing important meals such as breakfast and then getting lazy to eventually eat at all during the day. It may sound perfect to some of you that are eager to loose weight but it does begin to take a toll over your life. I started to feel very weak, sick, and just not myself because of the constant battle with food, it was almost like I hated the sight of it sometimes. Around 3 weeks ago whilst I was vlogging for my channel I had a complete break down on camera (I didn't upload this vlog because I wasn't myself throughout) I went out to watch a movie with my friend and it was time to get something to eat, now I was starving but my mind and my stomach were just in a war zone. It took me near enough 3 hours to finally then eat something only to later throw up my dinner. It's not been an easy ride for me, as much as its been nice to receive lovely compliments its definitely not worth the trouble I have been through. My stomach has now shrunk, I physically cannot finish a regular meal e.g a meal at Nando's - I can probably eat a quarter of a quarter chicken meal but thats what my stomach has now adjusted to, people always are looking at me asking me 'why don't you finish your food?' 'you waste so much' etc, but its honestly because I can't. I'm full.

 In a nutshell I'm on the 6 stone mark now (6 stones & 11 pounds which is actually a healthy weight for my height of 4 ft. 10) but I haven't lost the weight the way I would have liked to, but from now on I am keeping a balance and am trying my best to keep up with it the correct way.

 I've only just recently taken control over my body by making healthier choices, I went on a huge shopping trip with my mum and bought loads of things that were just better for myself and I actually look forward to eating!

I've cut out things like fizz/sugar/junk in general, I try avoid it as much as I can. I have a 'snack draw' in my room that would usually be full of chocolates and loads of treats but now I've replaced some of that with nuts, dried fruit and some healthier crisps e.g walkers sunbites - they are my favourite! When I'm feeling peckish I'll dip into that draw or toast some wholemeal pitta bread and have it with hummus and that hands down has to be one of my favourite 'snack' meals, it keeps me full for hours. Drinking water is so important I cannot stress how much this benefits your health, I used to be terrible with drinking water but now I choose it over everything, sometimes if I want a little zest to it I add some lemon slices and it makes it so much more pleasurable to drink (weird? haha)

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I've also been drinking a fair amount of thin-tea detox tea for a while which helps with the bloating feeling that I get quite often after eating a meal, not only does it seriously help with the bloating but with time it has speed up my metabolism. If you feel like you are in desperate need of a detox which sometimes we do need after eating so much junk constantly, your body does need a cleanse so I'd suggest investing in a 28 day detox tea or there are shorter periods like 14 days - whatever suits you best. Theres many on the market right now, I know Holland & Barrett stock detox teas. If you are in fear of the taste which mine I wasn't too fussed with (I got used to it and pretty much downed it LOL) but you can add some lemon or pure honey in to sweeten the taste.

Don't get me wrong I do have cheat days where I feel groggy and I just want to drown in pizza and chips but I try to work it off the following day. On the topic of work out I have to add in that I don't go to the gym, yup shocker right? I walk as much as I can in a day, if I'm travelling by bus/train anywhere if possible I will walk past 1 or 2 bus stops just to get that extra bit of cardio in OR I walk around my area for a while, whether it be by myself or I take my niece/nephews along with me and I've noticed how much of a difference it makes, its still a form of loosing weight whether it be a few pounds it does show up on the scales trust me. Not only that it makes you feel so refreshed instantly, I now cannot have a day where I just stay in and do nothing because I just feel so fidgety, I mostly try to do my walks during the morning as it encourages me to continue being good throughout the day. Take advantage of this whilst the weathers still good here in the UK!

That's all for my weight loss journey, I'm now concentrating on getting back into a good shape, toning my body and fixing my eating habits. I'm happier and confident with my body. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via instagram/twitter/email I'd be happy to answer.


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