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As the blogging community is continuously growing which excites me so much I have been getting more and more people asking me to do a blogpost with advice on how to start up their own and my personal tips. It feels like it was only just yesterday when I joined the blogosphere and began my journey but its now coming up to its 2 year anniversary which is crazy. To be honest I kind of  just winged it when I started - I had no clue how it all worked, what was right from wrong but since then I have learnt a lot so here it goes - make yourself a cuppa ladies & gents because this is going to be a long one. *sips tea*

1. Decide On What Type Of Content You Will Have
Although I've put this as no.1 I do strongly think that this is something you can slowly work on as you continue your blogging journey, maybe you just want your blog to be lifestyle based for the time being but in the future you may add in different categories e.g beauty, skincare, fashion etc - there is no rush so do things at your own pace. When you eventually decide on what content you will be posting think of ways that will make you different in the blogosphere, why are people going to read your posts? Make your blog unique, as a reader I love seeing how different peoples blogs are from the way it looks to the writing, it keeps me hooked and wanting to come back for more - if you can do that then you are #winning.

2. Designing Your Blog 
When I first created my blog I opted to use Blogger and the templates on there for a while, I edited the gadgets and played with different colour schemes until I stumbled across a website called Etsy that sold many blogger/wordpress templates that were right up my street and at affordable prices. I did some research and within minutes I purchased my very first template which cost me around £9 at the time and I was so chuffed, it came with step by step instructions and it took me no time to install - it was that simple. There are so many to choose from starting from as cheap as £5! Have a browse, there is something that is bound to catch your eye, I think this is something to consider just because it makes your blog look much more professional.

3. Promoting On Social Media
Take advantage of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc and promote when you have posted something new or even old posts you'd like to rack up views on. I keep my readers updated on any new posts by regularly uploading photos of things that relate to my content, what also brings more traffic is linking products I've talked about to the brands on Twitter just by mentioning them, you sometimes will get the occasional retweet which means more bloggers and brands noticing you.

 4. Engage With Your Audience 
Having a good relationship with your audience is one the the keys to becoming a successful blogger, reply to comments, ask your readers what they'd like to see from you next keep them engaged and interested.

5. Managing Time 
I always get questions regarding time management and how I juggle working full time and being a part time Blogger/Youtuber - the truth is I don't. It's really difficult sometimes because life gets in the way, for those of you that still study revision/coursework will do too but I try to remember why I started this blog in the first place. If you study please prioritise revision/coursework first and have a set time maybe during the weekend or after college/uni to spend and hour or so blogging. I'd also recommend scheduling your blogposts, I love that blogger has that feature because it really pushes me to finish the post before it gets uploaded half done and leaves me looking like a slight weirdo. If you're always on the go take advantage of your App Store and download blogger for free and finish posts whilst on the bus/train wherever!

6. Do Your Research
Getting to as far as I am wasn't a walk in the park believe me, I've had to do my fair share of reading online and educating myself about blogging and how it all works from learning about installing templates, adding links, editing html codes, fancy gadgets, custom domain names, making money - you name it I've read/watched it. You need to learn these things in order for you to make your way through the blogging world, it's something you should consider because with blogging you will face some obstacles and by researching you will overcome them as an individual.

7. Make Friends - Empower One Another 
Starting a blog can be very scary and overwhelming but its always a good step to socialise with others that are in the same boat as you. First and foremost remember this is not a competition - comment on someones photo, be friendly and make conversation. I cannot stress how important this is especially in this day and age of blogging where it can get bitchy sometimes, empower one another and spread kindness like confetti.

8. Keep Your Photos Atheistically Pleasing 
If you know me personally you'll know how much of a picture perfectionist I am and just how much I appreciate seeing a blog that makes effort with photos. To me the pictures are just as important as the post you are writing about, it deserves just as much attention. Clear photos, white backdrop and simplicity is what I aim for personally but each to your own - aim to be the unique blogger that you are. Don't rush around and think you need the latest camera, use your the back camera on your phone and find natural lighting and it'll all fall into place, when you feel like you really are enjoying the journey treat yourself to a handy camera. There are so many on the market for reasonable prices. I currently take my photos with the Sony A5100 and my iPhone6 back camera!

9. Stack Up On Posts
I currently have 15 drafted posts, sounds crazy right but its not at all - its actually one of the best things to do if you are a newbie blogger and you find yourself stuck in a 'writers block' quite often  during the first week/month into blogging. Anytime you think of a post to write about pop it into your drafts and come back to it when the time is right or when you fancy writing about it. For example sometimes I do get bored of writing about beauty/reviews and I just want to have a natter with you all about life so I just pick and choose which one I'm feeling up to writing about. It really helps take the pressure of feeling to always come up with something quickly which can eventually lead you to feeling frustrated with yourself. Take into consideration about how often you post within the same category (e.g fashion, lifestyle, beauty etc) try post different things so there isn't too much repetition.

10. Don't Stress Yourself Out. 
This is has got to be the most important one out the 10 tips, do not stress yourself out about followers, views, not being invited to events, no freebies etc etc because in time things will happen. Remember - consistency will always be the key to blogging success!


  1. Thank you for this post, is going to be really helpful for me I think. ��
    I have a question for you, I'm portuguese and sometimes I'm struggling if I could make posts in portugueses or english... What do you think? Could be better for me put portuguese and english, only english??

    Thank you ����

    1. Hi Daniela!
      Maybe you can start with english and if your readers would like a portuguese translation you can consider it then? Hope this helps

  2. I can't find the blogger app in The App Store anymore!

  3. Hii! Firstly I'd just like to say that i love your blog. This page is really helpful and I'm trying to start up my own blog but having difficulty with making the website. I made the website using Blogger but when i click on the other pages listed it says 'unavailable' help??


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