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I must say over the past few years the drugstore skincare department has definitely upped its game, in fact currently in my skin regime I only use 2 high end products - sounds crazy right? p.s I will be filming a skincare routine soonish. 

These face masks recently caught my eye whilst I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, not only do they look atheistically pleasing (I'm sucker for packaging) but they have been raved by many bloggers on youtube so I did what a typical blogger would do, I joined the bandwagon and purchased them myself. I've been putting them to the test and have a short and sweet feedback for you all because these masks have totally won me over.

3 masks to choose from:
Pure Clay Purity Mask - Purifies & Mattifies
Pure Clay Detox Mask  - Detoxifies & Clarifies
Pure Clay Glow Mask - Brightens & Exfoliates

These masks claim to have about 10 uses BUT do not be fooled, the pots are seriously deep and this might sound a little weird but the masks are really pigmented - one swipe of product on my brush and it gives me an instant opaque finish on my skin unlike some other masks that I've used that can be streaky when applied. These masks each contain three different clays that cater for various problems that can occur on your skin, recently theres been a new craze of 'multi-masking' which basically means using different masks that will be effective and beneficial in the problematic areas on your face e.g my t-zone gets super oily, my cheeks have many blemishes & under my chin I have a swarm of white heads so for example using just an detox mask sometimes isn't what I need in certain areas, often it can make my skin feel tight and dry so this idea is definitely something I recommend you trying if your skin is like mine - I don't know why I didn't think of doing this earlier since my skin is so different in each area.

I'm going to start my review with my absolute favourite from the 3 which is the Exfoliate & Refining Mask (Orange Mask): This was the first time I ever used an 'exfoliating mask' and I fell in love! After washing this off my skin it feels so smooth and refreshed like new skin has just surfaced, I like that when removing this mask you can really exfoliate your skin whilst removing the product too which makes it really work its magic.

Moving onto the next mask which is the Detox & Brightening Mask (Charcoal Mask): 
This mask reminds me a lot like my usual go-to face mask which is the Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask, I turn to that when my skin is looking dull and clogged up. Charcoal masks are great at drawing out dirt and any under the skin spots, it really pushes them upwards and the next day as disgusting as it sounds by the time I do my usual skincare regime (cleansing/exfoliating) the spots will be gone and my skin looks perfectly clear ready for a slap of make up for the day haha. 

Last but definitely not least its the Purify & Mattify Mask (Green Mask):
This mask promises to mattify and make your skin look more glowy if used a few times a week so for myself I use this only in my t-zone where I am the most oiliest - and don't worry guys this doesn't strip your skin of its natural oils! I've had my fair share of using face masks that claim to keep the natural oils but instead make your skin feel dry, tight and almost flakey after removing the mask - this on the other hand just simply mattify's my skin leaving it feeling smooth and looking flawless.  

Overall if you are looking for a affordable yet effective face mask I'd highly recommend the Loreal Pure Clay Detox masks, they have been such a skin saviour recently and for such a small price tag. There's 3 for you to choose from but I suggest whilst the offer is still rolling buy all 3 so you can customise the application just the way I did for the areas that need perfecting. For best results try to use a face mask 1-2 times a week!


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