Weekly Update #13 | ...Where have I been?


Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I've done a post like this and had a chat with you all (trust me its well over due). Last time you was up-to date with my 'life' was early April and a lot has changed since then! If you're a long time subscriber/follower of mine you'd know I've become more and more AWOL on YouTube and on here - to be honest with you its been a lot more intense in my 'life' recently and its not something I want out in the open, but in a nutshell its not been an easy ride for the past lets say 3 months... it still is a battle everyday but never the less there have been some really good days that have made me happier - its like a wake up call to remember to appreciate even the littlest things in life.

I can't lie I feel super bummed that I'm not going away this year *cue the tears* but never the less I have 6 long weeks off to spend with family and friends soaking up the occasional sun we get here. I've also been planning with my boyfriend that this summer we will explore a lot more - visit museums, try different street food and just do lots of 'summer bucket list' type of things. I really do want a jam packed summer where I do lots just because if I don't I become super lazy and unproductive and personally I love being on the go and having busy weekends only because then I feel like I've actually been doing something instead of just lazying around.
P.s don't worry I'm not crazy I do love days that its just me, my bed and a movie.

I also wanted to quickly to mention that I'm going to hopefully start a fitness/weight loss journey on my blog soon, during the month of ramadan I lost a lot of weight (I wasn't starving myself, I just avoided the greasy samosas and heavy fattening foods) from next month I'll be joining the gym again which is super exciting because last year I was joined to the gym and whilst being off for 6 weeks  enjoyed my morning/afternoons there, of course at the time trying to shed some weight but now that I am at my desired weight (7 stones and 2 lbs) I want to tone it and just eat better! I'm super excited to be getting back into shape because I was so unhappy with my weight last year but loosing some of it now has definitely put me in the right mind frame and I am so ready. 

Hope you all have had a lovely weekend so far!

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