I've been using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade for ages now and I've only recently hit pan, it is such an amazing eyebrow product and almost everyone uses it on their brows because it lasts such a long time and it looks so flawless. The shade that I use is 'chocolate' it matches my current hair colour which is a balayage so its got mixtures of medium browns, ash brown and some blonde but this was the shade that matched me the best.

Recently loads of drugstore brands have come out with their very own version of pomades at a much more reasonable price and the one that I purchased was by NYX. Personally I do feel like NYX creates loads of dupes for high end products like ABH, I ain't complaining though everyone loves a bargain. I saw someone using it in a youtube video recently and thought I'd try it out seeing as its more affordable and NYX is now easily available to us here in the UK.

I was shocked at how much this was like my ABH Dipbrow Pomade - it was the closest dupe! NYX currently only have 5 shades to choose from,they did have a shade called chocolate on the website which I thought was going to be the same as the one I currently have seeing as they share the same name, but after swatching it in store it had too much of a red undertone to it so I opted for the shade Espresso which is exactly the same. I was so excited to find a dupe only because £15 for the ABH pomade is still a lot considering the fact that NYX Tame and Frame is only £5.50 and its an exact dupe to the shade I use. The only difference that I found in the two is that the NYX one is slightly more 'gel' like, it feels more slippery and also bare in mind a little does go a long way.

L-R: ABH Dipbrow 'Chocolate' NYX Tame & Frame 'Expresso'

My ABH Dipbrow Pomade is a little dry now seeing as I've had it for a while but usually I just use a tiny bit of baby oil to revive it again, both products are amazing for the brows one is just cheaper than the other!

NYX Tame & Frame:

ABH Dipbrow Pomade:

DUPE: ABH Dipbrow Pomade vs. NYX Tame & Frame

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Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I've done a post like this and had a chat with you all (trust me its well over due). Last time you was up-to date with my 'life' was early April and a lot has changed since then! If you're a long time subscriber/follower of mine you'd know I've become more and more AWOL on YouTube and on here - to be honest with you its been a lot more intense in my 'life' recently and its not something I want out in the open, but in a nutshell its not been an easy ride for the past lets say 3 months... it still is a battle everyday but never the less there have been some really good days that have made me happier - its like a wake up call to remember to appreciate even the littlest things in life.

I can't lie I feel super bummed that I'm not going away this year *cue the tears* but never the less I have 6 long weeks off to spend with family and friends soaking up the occasional sun we get here. I've also been planning with my boyfriend that this summer we will explore a lot more - visit museums, try different street food and just do lots of 'summer bucket list' type of things. I really do want a jam packed summer where I do lots just because if I don't I become super lazy and unproductive and personally I love being on the go and having busy weekends only because then I feel like I've actually been doing something instead of just lazying around.
P.s don't worry I'm not crazy I do love days that its just me, my bed and a movie.

I also wanted to quickly to mention that I'm going to hopefully start a fitness/weight loss journey on my blog soon, during the month of ramadan I lost a lot of weight (I wasn't starving myself, I just avoided the greasy samosas and heavy fattening foods) from next month I'll be joining the gym again which is super exciting because last year I was joined to the gym and whilst being off for 6 weeks  enjoyed my morning/afternoons there, of course at the time trying to shed some weight but now that I am at my desired weight (7 stones and 2 lbs) I want to tone it and just eat better! I'm super excited to be getting back into shape because I was so unhappy with my weight last year but loosing some of it now has definitely put me in the right mind frame and I am so ready. 

Hope you all have had a lovely weekend so far!

Weekly Update #13 | ...Where have I been?


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