Monthly Favourites | #3

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It's been a while since I've written about my current favourites so lets get straight into it because boy do I have some amazing products to tell you all about this month!

Morphe 12nb Palette
This gem was raved about in someones youtube video recently (I literally cannot remember who) but I was convinced straight away, the shades drew me in so fast - 12 muted browns, taupe's, and some sparkly shades to make this perfect palette. I can never get my hands on the infamous Morphe 350 as it sells out so fast which is understandable as its so cheap and the colours are to die for, but this has definitely made up for it for now. The shades blend like a dream and are actually very pigmented! I have to admit whilst I've been using this on a daily basis I have noticed that there is some fall out, that's something you might want to consider but otherwise the price and product is definitely worth it if you haven't been able to get hold of the 350 palette.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray
I purchased this on a whim whilst shopping on beauty bay a while ago but I'm so happy I purchased it because it has been so good to my skin! I'm that girl that moisturises like crazy - way more often than the usual but that's because I hate having dry skin and the feeling of it being flaky *shivers* spritzing some of this bad boy on my face literally hydrates it instantly and leaves it feeling nice and nourished for much longer! You can also set your make up with this.

BarryM Dazzle Dust
I got this in a goody bag when I went to an event and I didn't think much of it so I just popped it into my box of 'random things' (everyone has one of those drawers/boxes in their make up collection surely) and when I was having a spring clear out I swatched it and literally screamed, it is so pretty! I haven't actually got any glitter pigments - I think I'm too clumsy to use things like that but this is literally perfect and fool proof as it requires no glitter adhesive, simply pop some onto a flat eyeshadow brush and pack it onto the lids and it doesn't have a crazy amount of fall out! The price will have you running to boots/superdrugs ladies. I've got my eye on some other shades too!

L.A Girl Orange Concealer
I've started colour correcting now as my dark circles are literally peaking through like crazy even concealers with such great coverage e.g NARS creamy radiant concealer. Colour correcting truly makes a difference as it cancels out the darkness and makes your make up look so much more flawless. Bare in mind you need the tiniest bit of this and I recommend blending gently with your fingers, I've made the mistake of using way more than needed and its made my base look more orange, so keep that in mind when using it for the first time.

Prima Lashes 'Valencia'
I got these lashes a while ago, at first they was way too 'over the top' for me but now I can't go without them, they are so lovely and flattering on my eyes. Prima lashes have a huge range so I'll link their website down below and you can check them out, the prices are reasonable too! I need some of their new luxury 3d minks...

purchase these items here:
Morphe 12nb Palette >
Mario Badescu Facial Spray >
BarryM Dazzle Dust >
LA Girl Pro Concealer >
Prima Lashes >

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  1. The Mario Badescu Facial Spray is LIFE! I really want to try out more of the skincare line, esp. the spot drying lotion everyone in the US raves about!

    Thuy xx


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