Weekly Update #12 | cable cars & new make up!


Hi my lovelies welcome back to another weekly update - ish.
2 weeks of freedom is finally over, I must say the first week of easter holiday went really slow (probably because I was at home majority of the time bed bound) but this second week has flown by.

I spent a day with my family which was really nice, every holiday I try my best to make some time to visit them as I don't get to see them as often because of work, some of them live away so its always nice when we all get together and have a catch up. We took a trip to Spitafields market and bought some milkshakes from GBK - which fyi are bloody AMAZING. I had a spontaneous sleepover with my best friend and it was really nice to spend time with her and baby Alayna who has grown up so much crawling around, to think she's turning 1 in 4 months is so exciting!

For date night this week we decided to finally take a trip to the 02 to go on the cable cars. To be honest we always are at the 02 because we are ALWAYS at the cinemas (tends to happen when you both have unlimited cards) but its nice to sometimes do something different and this was such a great experience for the both of us, we made it on time to see the sunset and it was beautiful. My tummy did turn a little every time I looked down haha.

This month I've done some re-purchases on skincare items for my upcoming skincare video and I also treated myself to some cheeky beauty picks, one being the Gerad Cosmetics Star Powder in 'Sopia' and I am in awe with how beautiful it is! I've mentioned it in my latest video that you can watch here.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!


  1. I still haven't been on those cable cars, it looks so cute!! And girl, that highlighter looked amazing on you in the video!

    Thuy x

    1. It was such a great experience you should totes go! And that highlighter is LIFE


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