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Let's begin with how underrated eBay brushes are, these brushes came in a set of 12 and cost me less than £10! A Real Techniques brush is over £10 majority of the time so this is a good set for a beginner, I love the look of these brushes, the bamboo handle makes it look super cute on my vanity!

I bought this set of brushes a while ago on eBay and have been testing them out to see how long they'd last, its been a good few months now and I can honestly say that I have not touched any other brushes other than these ones to do my eye make up.

I'm going to concentrate this blogpost on the eyeshadow brushes as they have been my go to brushes for months now. As you all know and I have mentioned many times I am rubbish at at applying eyeshadow, a monkey could probably do a better job than me haha, but these brushes have made it so much easier for me to get a nice blended eyeshadow look.

Angled Eyeshadow Brush: This angled brush is perfect for getting into the crease to apply/blend out shadows, I reach out to this when I first apply my crease shade and then at the end to just go over my eye once more so its all blended in. Also if you wanna really add definition it picks up the right amount of product and the bristles are so soft making it a dream to blend.

Pointed Crease Brush: I don't actually use this as a crease brush (you can use these brushes for whatever suits you best - switch it up!) I like to use this to add some shimmer into the inner corner of my eyes to make the eyeshadow look pop a little bit more!

Flat Shadow Brush: I LOVE using this when I'm applying loose shimmers/glitter on my eyelids, it makes packing on the eyeshadow easier and gives you more control when pressing the shadows down to make it more intense.

Fluffy Blending Brush: This is by far my favourite brush from the set, the bristles on this brush is a little longer which makes it extremely flexible when blending out shadows without leaving any harsh lines. I love the shape of the brush too, its slightly rounded at top!

Angled Brush: It's obvious what I use this for, BROWS! Love how small the brush is and how easily it distributes the product to help me achieve the perfect (fleeky) brows.

I've washed these brushes twice since I've bought them, first when they arrived because I think its always good to just give them a quick rinse just to be on the safe side and today I gave them a deep cleanse before taking my blogpost photos and there was no shedding!

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  1. just ordered these! I needed some new eyeshadow brushes & remembered you blogged about these


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