Weekly update #11 | organising my life

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3 months in and I've only just invested in a daily planner/journal. I've been saying for ages now I need to get a planner, I'm almost forever double booking people and then having to cancel on one or the other and it makes me feel terrible - or whats worse is I forget important appointments. I forgot all about my opticians appointment the other week and they are always super booked out, I was a little heart broken as my eye sight has definitely gotten worse over the past few months it's now beginning to give me terrible headaches.

 Anyways I purchased this cute little fella from paperchase, I was actually aiming to get a filofax as they are much thinner and you can get them personalised online BUT as I was so impatient I thought maybe I'll just skip getting it personalised and grab it from local paper chase, only I got there and to see they didn't have them in stock! Such a bummer, but I stumbled across this with 30% off plus another 15% off, purchasing for a bargain at £5! The diary goes onto Feb 17 which is perfect for myself since I have missed 3 months of the year already.

This week I had a huge to-do list, but Saturday came along and once again I had a filming failure day and gave up. Instead I went to the cinemas with my boyfriend and we watched a movie 'Hail, Caesar' I did not enjoy it at all but since we both have unlimited cards it didn't really bother us.

Today, Sunday I did get a lot more done with the occasional breaks watching Thirteen on BBC Three (amazing new series btw, its so twisted and weird - so up my street haha) I've got blogpost photos done and a new video went live. It was definitely very productive, so I'm going to take my productive ass to the shower now and then have some dinner... Hope you all have had a lovely weekend! 4 more days of work for me and then its 2 weeks off for Easter - I am so excited!

p.s I can't find this diary online, if anyones interested I purchased it from Canary Wharf Paperchase in Jubilee Place.

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  1. Haha, I'm exactly the same as you, I never purchase a diary or planner at the beginning of the year, I don't even know why! I always tell myself too but never end up in doing so. But I love how simple yours is and a fiver from paper chase, that sure is an absolute bargain! Sounds like you had a pretty busy week, but nothing beats an Easter holiday! And omg omg I've been watching thirteen too, I never get into that sort of genre but it's literally pulled me in and I'm gripped! Have a lovely week Minara ❤️



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