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Hello again, how's it going guys hope you all are having a fabulous Sunday! It's been such a busy weekend as I'm in the midst of re-decorating my room, as you can imagine there is furniture everywhere and my room has been a tip but thankfully today with the help from my mother dearest I have got everything back into place and have had another huge spring clear out! Got rid of clothes, make up and a crap load of paper work from my days at college.  

If I'm honest this weeks been such mish mash of a week, good days bad days the lot of em. As you (or some of you) may know, I've been in this 'funk' so I call it on and off recently - its the reason why I stopped filming a while ago and it did get a lot better but for some reason it just likes to follow me around like a bad smell when I'm just getting back on track. I like to be honest with you all, theres no point hiding these moments in my life because its natural and it happens. Everyday doesn't have to be a perfect fairytale... there will always be bumps along the way but it'll be a lesson learnt in the long run.

I've begun to suffer from really bad anxiety and recently its been at its worst. I've suffered from anxiety attacks in the past whilst being at school as I was bullied and it was kind of inevitable. I'm such a worrier, I worry about things that haven't even happened which then gets me thinking.. and thinking is the worst. When I get into these 'funks' my mind is constantly working, and I know that sounds weird because everyones mind has to work otherwise well...what are you lol. What I mean by 'my mind keeps working' is basically just imagine speech bubbles constantly popping up in your head - some being irrelevant, some being normal everyday life problems... but its like it just doesn't stop with me.

Currently I'm ok, and when I am this is when I like to take some time and remind myself that everything will be ok, eventually. Lifes a roller coaster, and along as I have faith, supportive family & friends around me I will always find my way back.

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