Review: NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks


After a long wait the NYX Lingerie collection has finally been released in the UK! You can now grab it online over at - no more paying extortionate prices on eBay/depop ladies!

I was on my way to work and I almost pee'd my pants when I got the email that these have finally gone up on boots - before anything I went and quickly notified my followers on Instagram. Once I got onto the website I was so overwhelmed (12 shades to choose from ranging from warm-cool) and got slightly confused too. The little circle swatches were too alike so I found it difficult to even choose shades that would compliment my NC37/40 skin, I quickly googled some swatches but I didn't find them helpful, I also assumed they would sell out super fast so I quickly picked my two shades and checked out! The packaging for some reason reminds of the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits minus the drip-drop effect, does anyone think the same or is it just me lol. I ordered them to my local boots store and they arrived the following day to which I was really impressed by, now time for the verdict!

The shades that I picked up were 'Ruffle Trim' and 'Push-Up' 
Ruffle Trim on myself weirdly had a coral undertone to it, when looking at swatches online they look different on all skin tones but on myself this did look like a nude/coral - I wouldn't mind wearing this during the summer with a tan but for now its a no from me. I was a little disappointed as on the bottle and the swatch on the website it looked like it was going to be a gorgeous muted brown, it almost looked like Mac's lipliner Spice in a liquid form, but it didn't and I was left broken hearted after trying it on.

Push-Up is basically like the famous MAC - Velvet Teddy in a liquid lipstick form, thats what I personally think as thats the exact shade it gives me on my lips. Again just how MAC - Velvet Teddy can sometimes wash me out so did this but with a dark lipliner underneath/above this shade will look gorgeous! 

As for texture these feel super mousse-y and they dry to a matte finish after a few seconds which I like BUT what I wasn't impressed with was the fact that they were super patchy on my lips, and when applying another coat it felt much stickier not to mention it did feel much heavier on the lips. It does need a second layer as the first application does not give an opaque finish on my lips. The applicator is a long doe-foot applicator which I find so much harder to use as it's not precise when lining the lips and does seem to get a lot messier. 

Moving onto how long this product lasts, I can't lie it does last a while on the lips until you start eating it does begin to crack towards the middle which is understandable, otherwise on myself it has lasted around 3/4 hours without any touch ups. Removing these liquid lipsticks was a struggle, I attempted to wipe it off using a regular wipe but it completely burned my lips! I then opted for an oil based cleanser which I highly recommend using instead as it came off so much quicker and with less pain. I'd keep that in mind to those of you that have very sensitive skin! 

My final verdict is that these NYX Lingerie liquid lipsticks are definitely student friendly selling at £6.50 which is a bargain, and with a large collection ranging from cool toned to warm toned shades catering for loads of different skin tones just be sure to check out more swatches online as shades will differ on skin tones - and since its a new release in the UK there will be loads of more reviews going up soon so keep your eyes peeled. Keep in mind that these shades were patchy on myself but everyones lips are different what doesn't work for me might work perfectly for you! Will I buy more? I'm thinking about purchasing beauty mark as it could possibly look better on my skin.

I'd love to know what you think, let me know in the comments below.


  1. I love the NYX soft matte cream range but haven't really tried anything else from NYX. I'm loving Liquid Lipsticks at the moment, this sure do sound right up my street but I think like yourself, I won't be a fan of the patchiness however, I have slightly fallen in love with Ruffle Trim ♥

    1. It's been a hit & miss with some people! Maybe give that shade a try, you never know it may become your holy grail haha - p.s loving the outfit post on your blog!

  2. Do you think the ruffle trim is similar to Nyx abu Dhabi? X


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