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Now there's loads of new beauty bloggers in the game now and I am so happy and excited for them all! The amount of messages I get daily from girls about wanting to start a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog but being too afraid of things that happen in this day and age of 'blogging' e.g hate, jealousy, bitchiness etc.. it's inevitable - but it makes me so happy to see girls just power walk through it all and do what makes them happy, and to be truthful blogging isn't so bad once you start to ignore the negativity and just enjoy what you do. I love a good blog to read on my way to work, and I also love to see the creativity that comes out of someones blog through their photos and writing.

I've been following new blogs as often as I can and have hand picked a few of my favourites right now!

SkinFaceBeauty: Beauty/Fashion/Lifestyle
I'm not favouritising at all just because she's my friend, I was actually a huge fan even before we met up and became good buddies, but I legit run when I get a notification when P has posted something. Her reviews are honest, reliable and trustworthy at all times. Whatever P has, 99% of the time I will have too e.g the Bobbi Brown Camel eyeshadow that we wear every single day without fail haha. She has a huge make up collection I envy, and her make up applications skills are slaying everyday. I thoroughly enjoy reading her posts, short simple and straight to the point! 

IshyxChads: Beauty/Fashion/Food
I've been following these girls form the very beginning and they have come so far in the blogosphere world in such a short time. I love their content, its a good variety and I absolutely love their style! They recommend amazing products ranging from high-end to drugstore alternatives which I really like to see in a blog, from personal experience I know my readers do like to see a good drugstore product, something a little more student friendly. I'm also in love with their photography skills, their insta feed is gorgeous! Hope to meet you beauties one day.

Thuy: Fashion →
A good friend of mine for few years now, Thuy has finally re-lauched her blog! If you've been a reader/subscriber for a while you'll remember when I did do a video with her around last year sometime haha, which now is deleted because I'm a perfectionist and so is she lol. Her style reminds me a lot like one of our mutually favourite fashion bloggers Sammantha Maria better known as Beautycrush, check out Thuy's first post and I am in love with the photography. So excited to see more upcoming beauty/lifestyle etc posts from you babe!

Simply Tasnim: Beauty/Lifestyle
Firstly can we start off by appreciating her make up - it is goals. I love love LOVE the way she does her make up, it always look so flawless. I'm always keeping up to date with Tasnim's post, she's always doing reviews, favourites, etc and when I'm in the mood to splurge a little and treat myself I always like to see what she's been raving about and will trust her review on them. On the plus side majority of the foundations she uses is the same shade to what I use, so it's always easier to find out through her posts what shade I could possibly be and what make up would suit my complexion. Keep up the good work girl.

Who are your favourite bloggers right now? I'd love to know so comment them down below, I love checking out new blogs and seeing different content. Thanks for reading, till next time m'loves. 


  1. thanks so much for your love & support! :)

    1. No problem girls! Keep up the amazing work x

  2. i love finding new blogs to follow. I will definitely be checking these out x

  3. Babe, thank you so much! You're always so encouraging and supportive! Thank you again<3


  4. I'm so in love with SFB, her reviews are hand on heart the best I read. And now, I've found three more blogs to follow and keep me company through this annoying flu ♥


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