Now there's loads of new beauty bloggers in the game now and I am so happy and excited for them all! The amount of messages I get daily from girls about wanting to start a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog but being too afraid of things that happen in this day and age of 'blogging' e.g hate, jealousy, bitchiness etc.. it's inevitable - but it makes me so happy to see girls just power walk through it all and do what makes them happy, and to be truthful blogging isn't so bad once you start to ignore the negativity and just enjoy what you do. I love a good blog to read on my way to work, and I also love to see the creativity that comes out of someones blog through their photos and writing.

I've been following new blogs as often as I can and have hand picked a few of my favourites right now!

SkinFaceBeauty: Beauty/Fashion/Lifestyle
I'm not favouritising at all just because she's my friend, I was actually a huge fan even before we met up and became good buddies, but I legit run when I get a notification when P has posted something. Her reviews are honest, reliable and trustworthy at all times. Whatever P has, 99% of the time I will have too e.g the Bobbi Brown Camel eyeshadow that we wear every single day without fail haha. She has a huge make up collection I envy, and her make up applications skills are slaying everyday. I thoroughly enjoy reading her posts, short simple and straight to the point! 

IshyxChads: Beauty/Fashion/Food
I've been following these girls form the very beginning and they have come so far in the blogosphere world in such a short time. I love their content, its a good variety and I absolutely love their style! They recommend amazing products ranging from high-end to drugstore alternatives which I really like to see in a blog, from personal experience I know my readers do like to see a good drugstore product, something a little more student friendly. I'm also in love with their photography skills, their insta feed is gorgeous! Hope to meet you beauties one day.

Thuy: Fashion →
A good friend of mine for few years now, Thuy has finally re-lauched her blog! If you've been a reader/subscriber for a while you'll remember when I did do a video with her around last year sometime haha, which now is deleted because I'm a perfectionist and so is she lol. Her style reminds me a lot like one of our mutually favourite fashion bloggers Sammantha Maria better known as Beautycrush, check out Thuy's first post and I am in love with the photography. So excited to see more upcoming beauty/lifestyle etc posts from you babe!

Simply Tasnim: Beauty/Lifestyle
Firstly can we start off by appreciating her make up - it is goals. I love love LOVE the way she does her make up, it always look so flawless. I'm always keeping up to date with Tasnim's post, she's always doing reviews, favourites, etc and when I'm in the mood to splurge a little and treat myself I always like to see what she's been raving about and will trust her review on them. On the plus side majority of the foundations she uses is the same shade to what I use, so it's always easier to find out through her posts what shade I could possibly be and what make up would suit my complexion. Keep up the good work girl.

Who are your favourite bloggers right now? I'd love to know so comment them down below, I love checking out new blogs and seeing different content. Thanks for reading, till next time m'loves. 

Blogs I'm Loving Atm


3 months in and I've only just invested in a daily planner/journal. I've been saying for ages now I need to get a planner, I'm almost forever double booking people and then having to cancel on one or the other and it makes me feel terrible - or whats worse is I forget important appointments. I forgot all about my opticians appointment the other week and they are always super booked out, I was a little heart broken as my eye sight has definitely gotten worse over the past few months it's now beginning to give me terrible headaches.

 Anyways I purchased this cute little fella from paperchase, I was actually aiming to get a filofax as they are much thinner and you can get them personalised online BUT as I was so impatient I thought maybe I'll just skip getting it personalised and grab it from local paper chase, only I got there and to see they didn't have them in stock! Such a bummer, but I stumbled across this with 30% off plus another 15% off, purchasing for a bargain at £5! The diary goes onto Feb 17 which is perfect for myself since I have missed 3 months of the year already.

This week I had a huge to-do list, but Saturday came along and once again I had a filming failure day and gave up. Instead I went to the cinemas with my boyfriend and we watched a movie 'Hail, Caesar' I did not enjoy it at all but since we both have unlimited cards it didn't really bother us.

Today, Sunday I did get a lot more done with the occasional breaks watching Thirteen on BBC Three (amazing new series btw, its so twisted and weird - so up my street haha) I've got blogpost photos done and a new video went live. It was definitely very productive, so I'm going to take my productive ass to the shower now and then have some dinner... Hope you all have had a lovely weekend! 4 more days of work for me and then its 2 weeks off for Easter - I am so excited!

p.s I can't find this diary online, if anyones interested I purchased it from Canary Wharf Paperchase in Jubilee Place.

Weekly update #11 | organising my life

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After a long wait the NYX Lingerie collection has finally been released in the UK! You can now grab it online over at - no more paying extortionate prices on eBay/depop ladies!

I was on my way to work and I almost pee'd my pants when I got the email that these have finally gone up on boots - before anything I went and quickly notified my followers on Instagram. Once I got onto the website I was so overwhelmed (12 shades to choose from ranging from warm-cool) and got slightly confused too. The little circle swatches were too alike so I found it difficult to even choose shades that would compliment my NC37/40 skin, I quickly googled some swatches but I didn't find them helpful, I also assumed they would sell out super fast so I quickly picked my two shades and checked out! The packaging for some reason reminds of the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits minus the drip-drop effect, does anyone think the same or is it just me lol. I ordered them to my local boots store and they arrived the following day to which I was really impressed by, now time for the verdict!

The shades that I picked up were 'Ruffle Trim' and 'Push-Up' 
Ruffle Trim on myself weirdly had a coral undertone to it, when looking at swatches online they look different on all skin tones but on myself this did look like a nude/coral - I wouldn't mind wearing this during the summer with a tan but for now its a no from me. I was a little disappointed as on the bottle and the swatch on the website it looked like it was going to be a gorgeous muted brown, it almost looked like Mac's lipliner Spice in a liquid form, but it didn't and I was left broken hearted after trying it on.

Push-Up is basically like the famous MAC - Velvet Teddy in a liquid lipstick form, thats what I personally think as thats the exact shade it gives me on my lips. Again just how MAC - Velvet Teddy can sometimes wash me out so did this but with a dark lipliner underneath/above this shade will look gorgeous! 

As for texture these feel super mousse-y and they dry to a matte finish after a few seconds which I like BUT what I wasn't impressed with was the fact that they were super patchy on my lips, and when applying another coat it felt much stickier not to mention it did feel much heavier on the lips. It does need a second layer as the first application does not give an opaque finish on my lips. The applicator is a long doe-foot applicator which I find so much harder to use as it's not precise when lining the lips and does seem to get a lot messier. 

Moving onto how long this product lasts, I can't lie it does last a while on the lips until you start eating it does begin to crack towards the middle which is understandable, otherwise on myself it has lasted around 3/4 hours without any touch ups. Removing these liquid lipsticks was a struggle, I attempted to wipe it off using a regular wipe but it completely burned my lips! I then opted for an oil based cleanser which I highly recommend using instead as it came off so much quicker and with less pain. I'd keep that in mind to those of you that have very sensitive skin! 

My final verdict is that these NYX Lingerie liquid lipsticks are definitely student friendly selling at £6.50 which is a bargain, and with a large collection ranging from cool toned to warm toned shades catering for loads of different skin tones just be sure to check out more swatches online as shades will differ on skin tones - and since its a new release in the UK there will be loads of more reviews going up soon so keep your eyes peeled. Keep in mind that these shades were patchy on myself but everyones lips are different what doesn't work for me might work perfectly for you! Will I buy more? I'm thinking about purchasing beauty mark as it could possibly look better on my skin.

I'd love to know what you think, let me know in the comments below.

Review: NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks


I'm always and forever getting questions on my skin and how I get it looking so dewy, fresh, and glowy.  Here it goes!

Let's begin with skincare, this has to be one of the most important steps prior to getting dewy skin, the big secret to dewy skin is what goes on before your foundation, which is the skincare you use and sticking to a routine. Having a clear base that's been cleansed well is key to getting that fresh glowy skin we all crave for. A while back I was sent the amazing Magnitone barefaced cleansing brush to test and review and I instantly fell in love with it, not only did it clear up my skin but it has made it feel so much smoother! I switch between cleansers but my favourites have to be Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser and the Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean

After watching this video by Wayne Goss - whom by the way is one of my favourite youtubers - he is so real and honest with his reviews (had a huge fan girl moment when he replied to me on twitter a few months ago) I was so amazed at how one single product could make such a huge difference! He showed us a quick demo of himself mixing an OIL with foundation which sounds crazy but it totally changed the game - it didn't change the coverage instead it makes your skin look morning fresh and super radiant, the formula does thin out a little which allows it to look less cakey on the skin and not to mention the application to go on so much smoother and easier. I use sweet almond oil as a moisturiser some nights/mornings, its hydrating and has also helped reduce my dark circles under my eyes. Yaaaaay for multi-purpose products :)

purchased from Holland & Barrett
Next up it's primers. Now if I'm honest I haven't tried any high end primers as of yet, I've never been been interested but if you do have any recommendation please leave them down below I'd be happy to invest in one. What I have tried and loved can be found in your local boots/superdrugs is the L'Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Primer. This stuff is amazing, I have sworn by it for years! A little definitely goes a long way, (if you have oily skin I wouldn't recommend using a whole pump as it may become greasy looking, try use half a pump) you can either mix this in with your foundation for a overall glow OR for best results pop it on the highest points of your face (cheekbones, temples, brow bone, cupids bow, bridge of your nose etc..) and just blend with your fingers, with the warmth of your fingers the product will instantly mould into the skin giving you a 'lit from within' finish. I need to re-stock! 

Another product I highly recommend is MAC Fix+, now loads of people make the common mistake in thinking this is a setting spray - this is not a setting spray. MAC Fix+ has many purposes, some being that it can be used to prep your skin before make up, re-fresh your make up throughout the day when it becomes dull and you can also use it to moisten your brushes before applying glitter eyeshadows/foundations - it makes any 'cakey make up' look and feel lighter. MAC Fix+ is an amazing product to turn to when in need of a dewy look, one spritz of this makes your face look glowy and healthy - I do drown myself in this sometime hah. I personally use this so much whilst doing my make up and I love that it's packed with natural ingredients that are good for the skin too. 

Moving onto foundations that I'd recommend when looking for a dewy look - all have been reviewed on the blog, links are down below:

MAC Face & Body: it's light weight, water based and it gives a 'my skin but better' finish.  Read my full review here
Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation: I've been using this foundation religiously recently and have also done a full review that you can read here. I love how this gives such a healthy glow to the skin without making me look greasy.
NARS All Day Luminous Foundation: I used this religiously throughout summer 2015, as the foundation states it definitely is luminous and it lasted throughout the humid whether whilst I was in Turkey! 
Maybelline FitMe foundation: this is a drugstore favourite of mine! The formula of this is a gel formula (like the make up forever ultra HD) its super moisturising on the skin and leaves a dewy finish. Review can be read here.

We all know a dewy look isn't a dewy look without crap loads of highlighter - which now is known more as 'strobing'. I love looking like a light bulb (as Amrezy would say) and I don't care if people think it's over the top, I think it looks great! My go-to highlighters have to be MAC - Soft & Gentle, Topshop Glow Pot in 'Polish' and a drugstore highlighter which is blooming amazing - MUA Undress Your Skin in 'Iridescent Gold'. All three of these highlighters allow you to get the beautiful glow, my personal favourite is the Topshop Glow Pot, I reviewed it here.

I hope this post helped you ladies and answered your questions, but if there is anything else feel free to pop it down below. Do you have any different tips for dewy skin? Let me know!

p.s drink loads of water! Keep your skin happy by staying hydrated.

Dewy Skin 101

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Hello again, how's it going guys hope you all are having a fabulous Sunday! It's been such a busy weekend as I'm in the midst of re-decorating my room, as you can imagine there is furniture everywhere and my room has been a tip but thankfully today with the help from my mother dearest I have got everything back into place and have had another huge spring clear out! Got rid of clothes, make up and a crap load of paper work from my days at college.  

If I'm honest this weeks been such mish mash of a week, good days bad days the lot of em. As you (or some of you) may know, I've been in this 'funk' so I call it on and off recently - its the reason why I stopped filming a while ago and it did get a lot better but for some reason it just likes to follow me around like a bad smell when I'm just getting back on track. I like to be honest with you all, theres no point hiding these moments in my life because its natural and it happens. Everyday doesn't have to be a perfect fairytale... there will always be bumps along the way but it'll be a lesson learnt in the long run.

I've begun to suffer from really bad anxiety and recently its been at its worst. I've suffered from anxiety attacks in the past whilst being at school as I was bullied and it was kind of inevitable. I'm such a worrier, I worry about things that haven't even happened which then gets me thinking.. and thinking is the worst. When I get into these 'funks' my mind is constantly working, and I know that sounds weird because everyones mind has to work otherwise well...what are you lol. What I mean by 'my mind keeps working' is basically just imagine speech bubbles constantly popping up in your head - some being irrelevant, some being normal everyday life problems... but its like it just doesn't stop with me.

Currently I'm ok, and when I am this is when I like to take some time and remind myself that everything will be ok, eventually. Lifes a roller coaster, and along as I have faith, supportive family & friends around me I will always find my way back.

Weekly Update #10 | a memory

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