Weekly Update #9 | hello new blog layout!


Hello February!
So it's birthday month... = the month I get spoilt rotten haha
Anyways lets begin with the most obvious and exciting thing - my new blog layout! What do you guys think? I'm dying to know haha, but I absolutely love it. It's exactly what I was looking for, I love how minimal it is and easy to navigate. If you guys have anything you think is a little 'meh' and needs changing, please feel free to let me know.
purchased via etsy.com

I've had such a lovely weekend, spent with my best friends and baby Alayna whom is growing up way to fast (just look at those cheeks!) spending time with them just really is fun, chilled and always is such a laugh.

I caved in and purchased these thigh high boots from Public Desire (buy them here) - I love them but they are so painful to walk in! I decided to wear them to Westfield and lets just say I wanted to burst into tears, I will be wearing them only when its a short distance haha. I will probably purchase the flat versions, I would wear them much more often.

Last but not least, I got lash extensions! My friend Riza (@riricix) is a lash technician and recently has started up her buisness, I've always thought about getting them but the prices can be ridiculous and the fact that I wear glasses too I was always worried it would be such a hassle.. but I swear it's nothing like I thought. She did a brilliant job, they are natural yet curly and noticeable! She's currently got an offer for £30 which ends Valentines day girls so run and book her in. Check out her Instagram page for more before and after photos, but thank you so much Riza, I love them and cannot wait to come back for infills soon.

Hope you've all had a nice weekend, catch up with you soon!


  1. Love your new blog layout Minara & your lashes look fab! Xx



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