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A while ago I posted a picture of my polaroid and was instantly asked loads of questions via dm's and askfm about the price, if its worth it, sizes and more. I've had this for 2 years now, it was a gift from my boyfriend for my 19th birthday and I've loved using it. Life changed when I got one of these babies, having them straight away and waiting for them to develop is just so exciting and honestly something you really treasure - wether it be in your wallet, photo album or a scrap book you will always remember that moment. I've also seen on Pinterest people using string and hanging them up using mini pegs to decorate their room or around the dressing table, it looks so pretty and unique. Poloroid pictures are such a good way to brighten up someones room!

(major throwback lol)
The most common question was how much was the film, where to buy it from and if its truly worth it. Price point varies, some places are cheaper than the other (and some cost more depending on the colour) but the best place to purchase from is Amazon obviously from a legit seller, they retail at about £50 - £60, but thats just the camera. If you look on argos/currys sometimes they have deals with some film packs for around £70 - £80 it depends on your budget really! Each film pack comes with 10 polaroid's, the first photo you take will be a blank one and after that your shots will come out normal. Once you've used up your shots you can purchase some from either again Amazon or Currys, I recently bought x2 packs from Currys for £14.99 which is bargain. The camera has its own settings, once you push the button (the one just bellow the lens) you can see the camera turns on and flashes a orange led light you can then move the lens around to choose from Hi-Key, Very Bright, Bright, Cloudy & Indoors - depending on your location you pick a filter and I love how these poloroids give off a vintage old fashioned look.

image does not belong to me. taken from google images
The camera itself is quite bulky, I wouldn't say its travel friendly if you have a small bag already full of necessities, but of course once you've purchased it you'll know how to make space for it when travelling around. You can also buy a travel bag for it too! As for the sizes of the actual polaroids, at first I wasn't aware that it would be that size - I was slightly disappointed but now prefer it as it fits well into my card holder and whilst browsing online I've seen photo albums specifically made for these and it looks super cute - I'm looking to purchase one soon and get back into scrapbooking.

Overall I'd highly recommend purchasing this little gadget, the photos are truly something you will cherish for a life time. If you have anymore questions feel free to leave them down below.

where to buy: Amazon  OR Argos


  1. Damn it, why didn't I drop hints about my dad getting me this on the 11th of Feb haha, I love polaroid cameras in general and I've always been obsessed with the Instax range, maybe I'll have to dip into my student loan and give myself a cheeky little treat lol ♥

  2. I never really use mine,
    it's too fat to take anywhere :(


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