5 things to do in February


As a new month begins, we say goodbye to the first chapter of the year! I've had good days and then I've had terrible days - but thats life! Perfect does not exist. Bye bye January blues :)

01. set realistic goals
I am forever making silly goals, that at the time seem very sensible and do-able but after a day or two they are completely forgotten about, and then in about a week I feel rubbish and a little bit like a failure. I've been wanting to loose some weight recently - not because I'm overweight/unhappy but simply because I don't like how I've been eating recently. I snack instead of having meals and it's just making me feel super bloated, and has also made my acid reflux come back which is not a nice thing to have. So this month I've set out to try and cut out fizz and choose water instead. It's actually not that difficult as I'm not a big fizz drinker anyways.

02. pamper myself
I forget to do this a lot. I sometimes just need a good face mask, bath bomb & a good blog to read or even just catch up on youtube! Sometimes my subscription box gets super crazy with 100+ videos waiting to be watched. I wanna just make sure during this half term especially I have an evening all to myself to just relax, besides that's what I deserve after working 6 weeks straight!

03. visit happy places
For me this is going to the flower market (columbia market) something so simple like that just brightens my mood and the atmosphere instantly makes me feel so happy. The people there are so kind and bubbly, and tbh I just love flowers - picking them out and just that little walk around the market and having a nosey into the cute shops.

04. continue to de-clutter & manage space
So I'm currently re-decorating my room, moving furniture around etc. I'm taking it slow because I've got so many ideas and I think if I rush like I did last time, I'll regret it! I've purchased a new desk which has a draw that holds all my make up, and an acrylic draw that holds brushes and other make up bits - I'm super happy with what it looks like so far. My work space means a lot to me, it's where all the creativity comes out and I like to keep it minimal and tidy - keeping on top of tidying and keeping my work space clean means a lot to me, it kind of keeps me sane. I also went through some storage boxes and just got rid of a whole load of make up packaging, just like any other girl I hoard onto packaging but it was time to finally let it go lol. After getting rid of 3 bags full of junk I just felt so much fresh minded and had more room to put new things. 100% recommend you guys do this!

05. spend time with those that you love
This month I had a real scare in my family, I'm not really going to get into it but it was a HUGE wake up call for myself and I just realised how precious my family is to me. I know it sounds silly because family is family - but sometimes we forget to do things that are so normal e.g asking someone how they are - that itself could simply unravel things that you wouldn't even imagine. Working full time 8-5 means me seeing my work colleagues more than I actually see my family, then I come home knackered I have time for no one I just want my bed, but I need to get out of that habit and just start spending time with my family, even if its just for a few minutes. Life can be taken away from us so easily... every moment truly counts.

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