A while ago I posted a picture of my polaroid and was instantly asked loads of questions via dm's and askfm about the price, if its worth it, sizes and more. I've had this for 2 years now, it was a gift from my boyfriend for my 19th birthday and I've loved using it. Life changed when I got one of these babies, having them straight away and waiting for them to develop is just so exciting and honestly something you really treasure - wether it be in your wallet, photo album or a scrap book you will always remember that moment. I've also seen on Pinterest people using string and hanging them up using mini pegs to decorate their room or around the dressing table, it looks so pretty and unique. Poloroid pictures are such a good way to brighten up someones room!

(major throwback lol)
The most common question was how much was the film, where to buy it from and if its truly worth it. Price point varies, some places are cheaper than the other (and some cost more depending on the colour) but the best place to purchase from is Amazon obviously from a legit seller, they retail at about £50 - £60, but thats just the camera. If you look on argos/currys sometimes they have deals with some film packs for around £70 - £80 it depends on your budget really! Each film pack comes with 10 polaroid's, the first photo you take will be a blank one and after that your shots will come out normal. Once you've used up your shots you can purchase some from either again Amazon or Currys, I recently bought x2 packs from Currys for £14.99 which is bargain. The camera has its own settings, once you push the button (the one just bellow the lens) you can see the camera turns on and flashes a orange led light you can then move the lens around to choose from Hi-Key, Very Bright, Bright, Cloudy & Indoors - depending on your location you pick a filter and I love how these poloroids give off a vintage old fashioned look.

image does not belong to me. taken from google images
The camera itself is quite bulky, I wouldn't say its travel friendly if you have a small bag already full of necessities, but of course once you've purchased it you'll know how to make space for it when travelling around. You can also buy a travel bag for it too! As for the sizes of the actual polaroids, at first I wasn't aware that it would be that size - I was slightly disappointed but now prefer it as it fits well into my card holder and whilst browsing online I've seen photo albums specifically made for these and it looks super cute - I'm looking to purchase one soon and get back into scrapbooking.

Overall I'd highly recommend purchasing this little gadget, the photos are truly something you will cherish for a life time. If you have anymore questions feel free to leave them down below.

where to buy: Amazon  OR Argos

Instax Mini | The Must Have Camera


I've been meaning to write a review on this foundation for a while, I've had it for a good few months and now I can finally tell you guys my thoughts on it! Meet my new must have product - Make Up Forever Ultra HD. Since I've purchased this I swear I haven't touched anything else. It's so flawless and lightweight on the skin, its meant to be a better version of the original HD foundation - retailing for £29. This foundation is suitable for all skin types, my skin has a little bit of everything, under the eyes my skin can get dry, t-zone is oily and the rest is pretty normal... and to conclude that this foundation works perfectly on my skin and lasts hours! If you check out the Sephora website they have tips on how you should apply this foundation depending on your skin type, you can read that here.

Make Up Forever Says:
"Ultra HD Liquid Foundation creates a naturally flawless complexion, invisible under the latest, super-focused 4k lens, this revolutionary foundation features uniquely-coated pigments that provide medium to build able coverage with an even lighter weight. It contains hyaluronic spheres to ensure comfortable wear on all normal, dry and combination skin types, and it lasts all day, leaving a natural-looking finish. Now available in an expanded range of 40 shades to match all skin tones, Ultra HD is the perfect everyday foundation for a flawless complexion—and it doesn’t require touch ups."

Before purchasing this foundation (I do this before buying anything, trust me it really helps) I checked out the reviews and they all seemed pretty decent, they all also seemed to mention that using this with a beauty blender/sponge is how you'll get the best finish as it really sinks into the skin. I've used both a flat top kabuki brush and a sponge and I have to admit the sponge gives the best overall finish - a satin feel on the skin, with a dewy finish, never the less a foundation brush still does the job well so don't worry girls. The first layer feels very light but the coverage is amazing even for one layer! I don't ever go for another layer with any foundations, but of course you can build up the coverage to your preference as the formula of this is super light weight on the skin so it blends like a dream. If you've used Maybelline's FitMe foundation this actually has a similar feeling on the skin, like a gel formula. (review to FitMe foundation here)

The only con I could find is that even after it settles into the skin, it does feel a little tacky sometimes and once applied to the skin freshly be careful as it can transfer. Otherwise from me this foundation ticks all the boxes!

This foundation has a huge range of shades and has 4 different categories:
Lights = 200's - Mediums = 300's - Tans = 400's - Darks = 500
After you've been put into a category you need to choose between Y & R which underlines what undertone you have. R = red and Y = yellow. I fell under yellow of course, and was matched perfectly to Y405.

shade Y405
where to buy:

Review: Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation


As a new month begins, we say goodbye to the first chapter of the year! I've had good days and then I've had terrible days - but thats life! Perfect does not exist. Bye bye January blues :)

01. set realistic goals
I am forever making silly goals, that at the time seem very sensible and do-able but after a day or two they are completely forgotten about, and then in about a week I feel rubbish and a little bit like a failure. I've been wanting to loose some weight recently - not because I'm overweight/unhappy but simply because I don't like how I've been eating recently. I snack instead of having meals and it's just making me feel super bloated, and has also made my acid reflux come back which is not a nice thing to have. So this month I've set out to try and cut out fizz and choose water instead. It's actually not that difficult as I'm not a big fizz drinker anyways.

02. pamper myself
I forget to do this a lot. I sometimes just need a good face mask, bath bomb & a good blog to read or even just catch up on youtube! Sometimes my subscription box gets super crazy with 100+ videos waiting to be watched. I wanna just make sure during this half term especially I have an evening all to myself to just relax, besides that's what I deserve after working 6 weeks straight!

03. visit happy places
For me this is going to the flower market (columbia market) something so simple like that just brightens my mood and the atmosphere instantly makes me feel so happy. The people there are so kind and bubbly, and tbh I just love flowers - picking them out and just that little walk around the market and having a nosey into the cute shops.

04. continue to de-clutter & manage space
So I'm currently re-decorating my room, moving furniture around etc. I'm taking it slow because I've got so many ideas and I think if I rush like I did last time, I'll regret it! I've purchased a new desk which has a draw that holds all my make up, and an acrylic draw that holds brushes and other make up bits - I'm super happy with what it looks like so far. My work space means a lot to me, it's where all the creativity comes out and I like to keep it minimal and tidy - keeping on top of tidying and keeping my work space clean means a lot to me, it kind of keeps me sane. I also went through some storage boxes and just got rid of a whole load of make up packaging, just like any other girl I hoard onto packaging but it was time to finally let it go lol. After getting rid of 3 bags full of junk I just felt so much fresh minded and had more room to put new things. 100% recommend you guys do this!

05. spend time with those that you love
This month I had a real scare in my family, I'm not really going to get into it but it was a HUGE wake up call for myself and I just realised how precious my family is to me. I know it sounds silly because family is family - but sometimes we forget to do things that are so normal e.g asking someone how they are - that itself could simply unravel things that you wouldn't even imagine. Working full time 8-5 means me seeing my work colleagues more than I actually see my family, then I come home knackered I have time for no one I just want my bed, but I need to get out of that habit and just start spending time with my family, even if its just for a few minutes. Life can be taken away from us so easily... every moment truly counts.

5 things to do in February


Hello February!
So it's birthday month... = the month I get spoilt rotten haha
Anyways lets begin with the most obvious and exciting thing - my new blog layout! What do you guys think? I'm dying to know haha, but I absolutely love it. It's exactly what I was looking for, I love how minimal it is and easy to navigate. If you guys have anything you think is a little 'meh' and needs changing, please feel free to let me know.
purchased via etsy.com

I've had such a lovely weekend, spent with my best friends and baby Alayna whom is growing up way to fast (just look at those cheeks!) spending time with them just really is fun, chilled and always is such a laugh.

I caved in and purchased these thigh high boots from Public Desire (buy them here) - I love them but they are so painful to walk in! I decided to wear them to Westfield and lets just say I wanted to burst into tears, I will be wearing them only when its a short distance haha. I will probably purchase the flat versions, I would wear them much more often.

Last but not least, I got lash extensions! My friend Riza (@riricix) is a lash technician and recently has started up her buisness, I've always thought about getting them but the prices can be ridiculous and the fact that I wear glasses too I was always worried it would be such a hassle.. but I swear it's nothing like I thought. She did a brilliant job, they are natural yet curly and noticeable! She's currently got an offer for £30 which ends Valentines day girls so run and book her in. Check out her Instagram page for more before and after photos, but thank you so much Riza, I love them and cannot wait to come back for infills soon.

Hope you've all had a nice weekend, catch up with you soon!

Weekly Update #9 | hello new blog layout!


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