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So before I get the question 'how did you get colour pop to the UK?' I bought these through a friend, but I have some details on how you can get items from U.S to UK with less custom charge. She uses a website called comgateway - you receive a U.S address which then you are able to order from any U.S website, it gets delivered to your U.S address and you'll get an email when its been delivered there and how much you'll be charged for customs & delivery to the UK. Please google for more info as this is all that I am currently aware of.

Onto my mini collection of these liquid lipsticks... 
After seeing the hype over these liquid lipsticks I caved in and purchased a handful of these babies. I absolutely love these to the moon and back, they are the most mattest liquid lipsticks I've used no doubt about it - but some people might not like that feeling, I for one just love a nice matte lip that lasts a long time. I've tried and tested these for a few months now, so here's my honest opinion.

note: shade without a sticker is called 'Sollow'
As I mentioned above these are quite drying liquid lipsticks and if you're looking for something that's matte but moisturising this probably won't be the product for you as it dries after about 10-15 seconds and is instantly matte, some can also feel powdery on the lips. Although you can easily fix this by adding some lip balm underneath but that only lasts for a certain amount of time of course. On myself, these liquid lipsticks last around 3-4 hours on others it may vary, but it's still pretty amazing despite me eating and drinking throughout that time it stays pretty intact. Removing this product is a pain as it's so matte you need a good few swipes over there lips to really take off the product. I'd recommend using a oil based cleanser as it removes hard nut products like this faster and with less pain involved lol - I've added some swatches below!

'Sollow' is pretty much a bright pink something I don't usually wear, but if mixed with other shades such as 'Beeper' I'm sure I'll be able to tone it down to something I am more comfortable with.

'Beeper' is a perfect Kylie Jenner colour but has a slight grey undertone. 

'Stingraye' is very purple-ly on my lips, this shade is by a famous blogger/youtuber 'It's my rayeraye' she has also got a lippie six & a lipliner too! This formula is much more watery in consistency compared to the rest - not entirely sure why but it's still a pretty/daring shade.

'Tulle' is my absolute favourite from my collection, maroon with a slight brown tinge to it. Definitely is my current go to shade. 

Last but not least 'Limbo', it's supposed to be a dupe to the Kylie Jenner 'True Brown K' liquid lipstick, but I'll only know once I get my hands on that! Well, once she decides to re-stock. 

The Pro’s:
- long lasting, 3/4 hours max
- huge growing colour range to choose from
- one layer deliveries high coverage 
- smudge proof 
- no transferring 
- price - $6

The Con’s:
- quite drying on the lips
- drying to fast can be annoying - ruining make up around the mouth
- writing on the bottle can wear off, some pretty faster than others for some weird reason
- currently only available in the U.S

Colourpop liquid lipstick collection

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There's nothing better than a lipliner all over the lips for the perfect matte lip look, not to mention some can last way longer than some lipsticks out there - here's my top 3!

Maxfactor 'Brown n Bold'
I was introduced to Maxfactors Brown n Bold by skinfacebeauty, and I was blown away. I'm quite obsessed with bold brown lips - have been for a while now and this is the one I always turn to for a long lasting lip colour and something the feels comfortable on the lips. It's so creamy, and it doesn't feel like its ever dragging on my lips - don't you just hate that feeling? It glides on and leaves a perfect matte finish on my lips. I'd recommend you girlies to check out Maxfactors lipliner section when you're in your local boots/superdrugs because they have a decent range.

BarryM no5 Lipliner
Onto the Barry M lipliner, I stumbled across this the other day whilst stocking up on beauty essentials in superdrugs, I swatched this and it instantly looked like my favourite lipliner by MAC called Spice. I wear that lipliner like my life depends on it and its just such a lovely nude/brown for my complexion. MAC lipliners retail at £12.50 which is quite pricey, so I was ecstatic to find a dupe that is only £2.99! What a bargain? I love using this lipliner as a base for my all time favourite lipstick by MAC called Taupe - I'm still on the hunt for a dupe for that one though haha.

Rimmel Lipliner 'Spice'
Last but not least we have my summer time favourite Rimmel Lasting Finish lipliner in Spice. I wore this all summer last year and the year before because not only is it a good all over the lip shade but mixed with other lipsticks makes it 100 times better.. as you all know I love mixing loads of colours together to create my own custom lip colour (which can be annoying because sometimes I forget the combos *sigh*) this is that one shade I like using as a base or if I've put a colour on that I don't like this always add's a perfect hint of mauve in it. Everyone loves a bit of mauve in their life don't they? I urge all you ladies from light skin to dark complexions to pick this up, its an all rounder and compliments the lips so well, I always get the 'omg what's on your lips?' when I wear this. I believe Kylie Jenner uses this occasionally! Explains why it's always gone when I go to re-purchase.

where to buy:

Favourite Drugstore Lipliners


Let's begin with how amazing soap & glory is, I've been using their products for years now and it has never failed to impress me. From their body butters, scrubs and shower gels everything not only smells amazing but makes you feel good too. A few months ago whilst shopping around re-stocking on my skincare I found this 'Deep Cleansing Milk' and purchased right away as it was selling for £6 for a huge 350ml cleanser - bargain. I started using it right away with my Magnitone barefaced brush (read review here)

Soap & Glory says: 
PEACHES AND CLEAN™ Deep Cleansing Milk features a special clogged-pore formula with PEACH & GOJUICE™ extracts and an OXYGINSENG™ daily skin detox which will help to purify and clarify, invigorate, soften skin, and melt away makeup, dirt, and impurities for a smooth, luminous complexion.

To use this product I pump 2/3 times to get the right amount of product on my face but of course if needs be I will use more. I simply pop it onto my magnitone brush and that does the job, it removes my make up and doesn't need any extra tugging at the skin. It hasn't irritated my skin at all or caused any break outs, my skin is pretty sensitive and I was quite wary about the fact it had a scent (don't know why but I'm always reacting to these fruit infused skincare products) if you are sensitive or dislike scented cleansers this might not be the one for you as it is quite sweet. If you don't own a magnitone (which btw I highly recommend you should - it makes life so much easier!) you can place this onto a cotton pad and in circular motions remove your make up, it does the same old job but I've just been relying on my cleaning brush. 

My skin feels so smooth and hydrated after using this, I've even gone over my skin with Bioderma and a cotton pad to see if there was any traces of make up left and there was zilch! This removed every little trace of make up and dirt on my face. I will definitely be re-purcasing, it's a bargain selling still at £6 online and in store, give it a try ladies!

buy it here: http://www.boots.com/en/PEACHES-AND-CLEAN%C2%99-Deep-Cleansing-Milk-350ml_1683520/

Review: Soap & Glory Cleansing Milk


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