Stila Eternal Love Liquid Lipstick Set


As the festive season approaches us so do the amazing limited edition gift sets! Stila released their 2015 Holiday collection and I must say I am impressed - they have some pretty decent palettes that are going for £30 or some even less that look amazing and super pigmented. I was gifted this set which is called the 'Eternal Love' Liquid Lipstick Set which comes with 3 timeless shades - a red, pink & brown/purple.

 The red shade is called 'Beso' as you all know, I don't suit reds very well but I will make this work. I usually mix my lipsticks around so once I start playing around with it I will create a shade that suits me better. I wish this shade suited me because it looks gorgeous on my friends!

The pink which is called 'Bacci' reminds me a lot like LA Splash 'Ghoulish' (reviewed here) but it is more on the pink side, again because of personal preference this shade is gorgeous BUT it washes me out a little.. on the bright side because due to the fact that these liquid lipsticks are super creamy in texture it is so easy to apply a lipliner on top without getting dry and flakey, so I will be mixing and matching which is one of my favourite things to do haha. #noshame

The last one which is my absolute favourite and I haven't been able to take it off is called 'Ricco' this beautiful shade is definitely more of a daring one but I've overcome the fear of wearing darker shades - now I love them! This looks different on everyone, when looking online sometimes it looks more brown but personally on myself it is a deep purple, with a pinch of brown in it somewhere. I'm actually in awe with how amazing these liquid lipsticks feel on my lips, the texture is super creamy and comfortable to wear day to day. Not to mention the longevity, I ate through NANDOS wearing the darkest shade and my lipstick was intact. Now that is a true long lasting liquid lipstick.

They all are 1ml which yes is a little, but trust me a little definitely goes a long way. I don't see myself using up these products anytime soon as they are so pigmented I can get a lot of use out of them. Being mini's also means they are travel friendly, pop them into your clutch and your good to go. £18 for 3 lipsticks, you can't go wrong. They also have another set which is called 'Eternally yours' which comes with 6 whopping lipsticks for only £29!

 heres the links to the websites:

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