Weekly Update #8 | A Late Catch Up

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Hello everyone! I'm aware I'm a day late, but I've finally had the chance to sit down and write about my very busy weekend!

I love writing and these lifestyle posts, it's kind of like a 're-cap' on my week. I'm going to talk about Friday because my weekend starts that evening with date night - this time round we went to Bowling and I actually beat Aminul and got a strike! I also beat him at air football at the arcade but he denies that, all in all it was a fun filled night which ended with some delicious pizza. Mmmmmm :)

I think if you've been in a long term relationship (almost 6 years for me) it's super important you take time out for one another to just have fun and to create a stronger bond - trust me it helps maintain a healthy relationship. As we grow up and adult life kicks in we barely have time for one another we get so caught up with either uni, work and sometimes it can become overwhelming. From experience I can tell you these date nights have helped us immensely, I'm always looking forward to them just because it's 'us' time and I get to offload about my week, and just have someone listen. It doesn't always have to be somewhere fancy, take a walk or even go sight seeing?

My Saturday was pretty boring, I stayed in watched movies and waited up till 12 to send my best friend a very long birthday message! Currently very jealous of her as she is in Barcelona, getting a tan and seeing beautiful sunsets. *cries*

On Sunday myself & P (www.skinfacebeauty.co.uk) travelled to Kensington to attend the Olympia Beauty Exhibition and the Bloggers Awards. We arrived fashionably late, and received some amazing goodie bags from NYX! The most exciting part was actually shopping at the NYX stand which was very very busy as you can imagine, us UK make up fanatics can't get our paws on NYX so easily - everything is always out of stock on the website but they have recently opened up a pop up shop in Oxford Street Selfridges but once again, things get sold out pretty fast. We both will be doing a haul soon on what we got but overall it was a great experience, and I cannot wait to attend some more events with P who may I just say looked stunning her make up was so flawless.

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