Weekly Update #7 | A NEW TERM..


Hello everyone! Hope you've all had a great week... mine has once again been pretty busy. First of all I finally started working again and I'm so happy! People might find this weird, but I just got bored of being at home. Early mornings have been very hard, 7am wake up calls are never something to look forward to but other than that I love my job. During the week I also received my Magnitone Brush which was super exciting, they was kind enough to send me one and I cannot wait to tell you guys how amazing it is! Blogpost coming soon ;)

The week was a little bit of a whirl-wind if I'm honest, I remember Friday very well because after work myself and two of my colleagues dined at Las Iguanas! Saturday was spent with my good old friend SauWei, we shopped around a little had a catch up session and then I met up with Rima and ate at GBK. p.s Thank you Rima for treating me to some foodies hehe <33 #BestieGoals

Sunday was a busy day - 9am wake up call from P (www.skinfacebeauty.co.uk) then long strolls through Spitafields Market, taking some amateur outfit photos, then a pit stop at GBK AGAIN - oh and of course, a pop into MAC which lead to a cheeky lipstick purchase. I ended my evening with a movie night with Aminul, we watched 'No Escape' full of suspense, I loved it. Currently, super happy. Loving life and just the flow of it. 

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