Weekly Update #6 | A Very Busy Week!


This week has been so long, but extremely productive.

❥ Monday I had my family over it was chaotic but hey isn't it always when family gets together? But I love it. I come from a very small knit family, I haven't got loads of cousins, the ones that are around are married and live far away so when we all do get together theres just so much to talk about, so much catching up and most importantly - LUDO! Ha, we love that board game.

❥ Tuesday was a chilled day, I spent my afternoon organising my Polaroids - which reminds me I totally need to buy new film to take more photos! Attempted to sort out my clothing rail but #failed. 

❥ Wednesday I finally got to see my beautiful best friends, we attempted to do the 'go best friend that's my best friend' dubsmash, but failed because we simply cannot do anything without bursting into laughter.

 Thursday I woke up with very bad holiday blues, I miss the atmosphere of Turkey. The music, the beach, the ora of it all. I don't think I'll ever get over it..

 Friday I went to Busaba Eathai in Westfield Stratford city with soon to be mummy Shabana and ate this delicious Chilli Prawn Fried rice - my mouth was on FIRE. Will I go again? 100%.

❥ Saturday was date night, we watched Sinister 2 - it was so rubbish.

❥ And as for today, it's a very special day. I hit 4k subscribers, I literally screamed! Cannot believe that there are actually 4000 people that watch my videos - its very overwhelming but I am so happy. Hard work definitely pays off. Thank you so everyone that has continuously supported me. 

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