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So if you know me you know that my iPhone homepage is probably the most organised home page that you have seen - everything is categorised. Now I get a lot of questions on what app's I use to edit my photos, add writing, what app's are helpful to have etc so I thought the best thing to do is write up a post and share with you all the cool apps that I use and that I personally think are an essential.

Did you all know that Blogger/Wordpress has an app? I didn't for a while but it has saved my life, there's times where I'm on the train and I have an idea I can very easily with this app write it up before I forget. It's super convenient and also perfect for the times when you've made a mistake in a post and you don't have your laptop with you, you can edit the post from your phone instead of having to log in through safari which is super long. 

Okay so this isn't a app, I'm cheating but you all have this already in your phones and probably don't use it as much as you should. Now I used to do this in an actual diary before but then I started getting lazy and started writing in the notes on my phone instead since I'm on it more often, so whenever I come up with a blog post idea or when someone has suggested something I write it down and I usually do it in order from whats been more requested - it really helps doing this for those times your going through a 'writers block' as we call it. You can look through your notes and see what posts are due to write and pick whichever suits your mood at the time.

I started using this app recently and I truly have been lovin' it! Bloglovin' is pretty much like Instagram, but you don't have to be a blogger to have this app. You simply sign up, and start following your favourite blogs, keep up with their latest posts or if your busy just press the heart button which will then like the post and save it to read later! As bloggers it's always helpful to know which posts are drawing more readers and the 'like' button shows you which posts are becoming more and more popular, it'll encourage you to continue writing up similar content.

Youtube Studio
After reading Gracie's version ( of App's every blogger needs I downloaded this particular one she mentioned, and guys it's saved my life. If you're a YouTuber you'll know the struggle of using the actual YouTube app to edit description boxes, it's simply not big enough and I cannot see any spelling mistakes I make! This app has it all laid out perfectly, and I love that you can block people on it too - ain't nobody got time for hate in the comment.

Afterlight/VSCO Cam
I am a perfectionist when it comes to taking pictures, if you look through my Instagram you'll see all my photos have a simple border around them always and are always squared. That is just how I personally prefer my photos to look, clean cut and not over edited. These are literally the only two apps I use to edit my photos, and they are the only two I need tbh. VSCO cam has amazing filters that are perfect for 'Instagram Themes' ranging from really bright colours to more faded out neutral filters, this is one of my favourite apps and I use it for all my photos, even if it's the tiniest bit of colour lol. Afterlight has everything! You can edit your photos like a pro with the tools it provides - lights, filters, borders, texture etc.

Last but not least I have been using this for about a year now and again it has helped me with times I haven't been close by to my laptop to edit photos for when I need writing on it. As a blogger I'm constantly on my phone taking pictures around my vanity and sometimes it looks a little boring and plain so I wanna jazz up the photo a little bit using this app. It's perfect as it has a variety of fonts, fancy borders, shapes you name it this app has it. I highly recommend you check this app out, wether your a blogger or not it has really nice frames you could use for your pictures!

I hope you have all enjoyed reading this post! I love reading stuff like this as it does really help you when you're still learning the ropes of becoming a successful blogger. If you would like me to do more 'blogging tips' then just let me know, I'd love to help!

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