2 weeks later, Hello angels!
Thankfully, there is only 6 working days left until we officially are on Summer holiday! That also means there is exactly 1 week and 4 days until I am flying out to Turkey with my best friend Rima. #Excited 

I've also been spending like crazy due to this holiday and finding any excuse to buy 'cute' unnecessary things e.g a passport case. Really Minara? Is it really important? Myself and Rima were supposed to film a haul video showing you guys the bits and bobs we got but we are so busy with work and because its the last few days of Ramadan it's super important for us to pray, read the Quran as much as we can as the last few days are very special. Me and Rima will be vlogging in Turkey which I am excited about and I will try my best to get some outfit photos in.

Now I'd just like to say a big fat thank you to those of you that have been supporting me continuously the past few months since I've started my blog and channel and have kept up with me ever since! I appreciate it so much - I literally cannot even put it into words how much your support and in depth messages mean to me, every time someone tells me how much something I've posted on here or I've uploaded on YouTube has helped them it melts my heart and it all feels so worth it. I've come to realise there will always be negative people and there will always be haters but nothing compares to the genuine love I receive from you all.

So as you can tell from the picture I've inserted below I have had a little hair cut! I needed something different for summer and my hair was beginning to get a little dry, flat and just boring. In all honestly I was umming and aarring to whether I should because of the risk it being really short, but Abby (my hair dresser & a very hilarious human being) did an amazing job. I walked in asked for a blunt cut with mid length layers and she worked her magic, my hair feels healthy and so soft. 

Weekly Update #5 | New Hair & Appreciation Post


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