Weekly Update #4 | 1 Step Forward 2 Steps Back


The past few weeks have been hard in my personal life - and I'm just getting back on my feet taking one step at a time. I've been feeling very 'different' and I'm not sure if this is because I'm growing up, and life gets tougher but I can say it's definitely taking its toll in all aspects of my life. Some may look at me and say 'but Minara, you look so happy, I wish I was you, I wish I had your life' etc. Yes, I'm actually happy, I feel blessed to wake up to see another day no matter what - but with 'life' and me looking 'happy' I show you the really good parts of my life, it's rare that I show this side where things aren't looking too perky. I try to remind myself when I am having these bad days that life isn't perfect, it's the bumpy roads that let us grow and learn that we can overcome even the littlest things in life and learn to live again.

Another thing that's been bugging me is that fact that I haven't really been into youtubing as much and I know loads of my subscribers have noticed it and have asked me but I tend to avoid the question a lot. As much as I love it I feel like currently I am going through a pretty rough patch with filming, editing and I tend to get very panicky when it comes to uploading because I need everything to be perfect. I feel terrible that I don't upload on the right days, or as much as I used to... but I hope you all understand that currently I'm in a whirlwind with my own life, and I just need to do things to better myself.

Let's end this Sunday Post on a good note shall we?

Things I'm looking forward to:
❥  Going abroad with my best friend, Turkey here we come
 ❥ Summer holidays are 3 weeks away, woohoo
 ❥ Catching up with old friends
 ❥ Trips to the seaside
 lots of vlogging!

If you've had a rough time recently read this.

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