Review: Sephora Cream Lip Stain 'Marvellous Mauve'


Hi my beauties welcome back, and Ramadhan Kareem!
Short and simple post just to quickly rave about this beauty I've re discovered in my clutter of lip products. I visited Paris in February to celebrate my 20th and like every make up addict I was super excited to visit Sephora to pick up some bits and bobs. I remember before leaving for Paris I saw these Sephora branded Lip Cream's being raved all over YouTube and the blogosphere so I couldn't help but look for these first. The shade I was originally on the hunt for was called 'Classic Beige' but it was sadly out of stock, I then picked up this shade which is called 'Marvellous Mauve' and instantly fell in love. I wore it for a while after I came back from Paris but then I got a little bored of it and found a new shade that I was loving (for reference it was actually Mac - Taupe)

Earlier this week I was just re-arranging my make up storage and I stumbled across it and decided to wear it out for date night - yes indeed I did fall in love all over again! 

I'm so caught up in the nude/brown lipsticks at the moment I forgot how beautiful this shade looked and how much it compliments my complexion. I think I'm into it even more now because of the hot weather as it looks more appropriate - personal preference of course, you could always wear it all year round if you like. As you can tell in the pictures it is quite a Barbie pink shade which is something I would usually avoid but because of the texture of this lip stain which by the way feels so soft and non crusty even after a few hours of wear, I love wearing it even more. The shade reminds me a little bit like Mac - Mehr but muted down into this gorgeous Mauve shade. This is 100% something that I would recommend to you ladies if you're visiting Paris anytime soon or anywhere in the world that has a Sephora store. The official Sephora website now ships to the UK so I've added the link down below so you can add it to your shopping cart today. 

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