Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser


I caved into the hype and purchased this last December as it was on offer in Boots for £25 - it came with a toner, eye lotion, 2 muslin cloths and the cleanser itself, bargain right? This is a 100ml bottle of pure goodness, in 4 easy steps you are left with smooth and flawless skin ready for bedtime or make up in the morning. I usually just use the Cleanse & Polish during the evening as I prefer using something more citrus-y in the mornings - something that'll totally wake me up and prepare me for the day.
I usually only need about 1 and half pumps of the product and it removes all my make up, I just rub it all over my face like a regular cream, it melts down the mascara, the foundation and lipstick - end result you do look like a right mess but the best bit is yet to come. Next I rinse my muslin cloth under some warm water and then I simply wipe my face and it all comes off without me having to tug on my skin like some cleansers can make you do, no force is needed it literally glides off!

Personally I think this is such a treat to my skin which is currently dry and de-hydrated, this really nourishes and brings back life to my skin. Did I mention this is suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES!? My friend with acne ( uses this and she has oily skin, she occasionally breaks out and has mentioned on her blog how this product soothes her skin and really calms it down when it's acting up.
I've only recently repurchased this as my December one finally did finish, t did last me a good 7 months which I am chuffed about because I used it almost everyday. I picked this up for £15.50 from my local Boots and it came with 2 muslin cloths. This is so affordable and something that you should definitely think about purchasing - anymore questions don't be afraid to ask at the counter, the woman that I was assisted with was super helpful and really talked me through the product's pro's which convinced me to purchase - 0 regrets here and I'm looking to invest in some more of Liz Earle's Skincare range as it has such amazing ingredients that could help improve my skin!

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