The past few weeks have been hard in my personal life - and I'm just getting back on my feet taking one step at a time. I've been feeling very 'different' and I'm not sure if this is because I'm growing up, and life gets tougher but I can say it's definitely taking its toll in all aspects of my life. Some may look at me and say 'but Minara, you look so happy, I wish I was you, I wish I had your life' etc. Yes, I'm actually happy, I feel blessed to wake up to see another day no matter what - but with 'life' and me looking 'happy' I show you the really good parts of my life, it's rare that I show this side where things aren't looking too perky. I try to remind myself when I am having these bad days that life isn't perfect, it's the bumpy roads that let us grow and learn that we can overcome even the littlest things in life and learn to live again.

Another thing that's been bugging me is that fact that I haven't really been into youtubing as much and I know loads of my subscribers have noticed it and have asked me but I tend to avoid the question a lot. As much as I love it I feel like currently I am going through a pretty rough patch with filming, editing and I tend to get very panicky when it comes to uploading because I need everything to be perfect. I feel terrible that I don't upload on the right days, or as much as I used to... but I hope you all understand that currently I'm in a whirlwind with my own life, and I just need to do things to better myself.

Let's end this Sunday Post on a good note shall we?

Things I'm looking forward to:
❥  Going abroad with my best friend, Turkey here we come
 ❥ Summer holidays are 3 weeks away, woohoo
 ❥ Catching up with old friends
 ❥ Trips to the seaside
 lots of vlogging!

If you've had a rough time recently read this.

Weekly Update #4 | 1 Step Forward 2 Steps Back


Hi dolls! 
I'm totally on a blogging... splurge... shall I call it that I don't know lol but I've really been in the mood to write recently so here I am reviewing yet another amazing product I stumbled across in Boots recently. Now I say recently, but this product has been out and raved about by now I'm just late on the band waggon - behold the famous Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24 Cream Eyeshadow in the most popular shade On & On Bronze. I saw this when it first came out but because I'm was afraid of glittery eyeshadows (simply because I cannot apply glitz onto my eyes without looking like a disco ball) I steered away from it. I was in Boots the other day doing a little shop when I saw this again, swatched it on the back of my hand and thought to myself yes, I will pick this up today because as the months have gone on I've started to get really into glitter - I mean I've tried applying glitter and I still fail miserably but I thought cream eyeshadows are perfect for beginners like myself, its like the easiest way to achieve a eyeshadow look without going wrong.

This states that it lasts for 24 hours, I personally don't ever wear make up for 24 hours or know anyone that does so I can't say that it actually lasts that long but I can definitely say that this has a excellent lasting power but does tend to crease after a few hours. This is literally has 1 step, pop your finger into the pot, dab some onto the eyelid and then literally blend. Keep blending to get your desired look, you could keep the gold looking really glitzy or you could blend really well and make it very subtle and sheer for a everyday look which is what I usually go for. If you did want this to be a little more opaque then I would recommend using a brush, I like to use my Jessup crease brush to do this as it's a flat brush and it's easy to pack on the colour. I love that it doesn't leave any streaks but just makes the eye make up look soft and finished well. Have I mentioned how amazing the consistency of this product is? It's super creamy and literally melts onto my eyelids without me having to tug which is always a plus.

 I think everyone needs one of these Colour Tattoo's and there's a huge range of shades that you can choose from according to your preference, there's also some new matte shades that I've been meaning to pick up as they would make a great everyday base for those of you that prefer the matte look. Oh and I've been told that they are a lot like the MAC ProLong Wear Paint Pots - just much cheaper!
(MAC Paint Pots £15.50 & Maybelline Colour Tattoo £4.99)

Review: Maybelline Colour Tattoo 'On & On Bronze'


Hi my beauties welcome back, and Ramadhan Kareem!
Short and simple post just to quickly rave about this beauty I've re discovered in my clutter of lip products. I visited Paris in February to celebrate my 20th and like every make up addict I was super excited to visit Sephora to pick up some bits and bobs. I remember before leaving for Paris I saw these Sephora branded Lip Cream's being raved all over YouTube and the blogosphere so I couldn't help but look for these first. The shade I was originally on the hunt for was called 'Classic Beige' but it was sadly out of stock, I then picked up this shade which is called 'Marvellous Mauve' and instantly fell in love. I wore it for a while after I came back from Paris but then I got a little bored of it and found a new shade that I was loving (for reference it was actually Mac - Taupe)

Earlier this week I was just re-arranging my make up storage and I stumbled across it and decided to wear it out for date night - yes indeed I did fall in love all over again! 

I'm so caught up in the nude/brown lipsticks at the moment I forgot how beautiful this shade looked and how much it compliments my complexion. I think I'm into it even more now because of the hot weather as it looks more appropriate - personal preference of course, you could always wear it all year round if you like. As you can tell in the pictures it is quite a Barbie pink shade which is something I would usually avoid but because of the texture of this lip stain which by the way feels so soft and non crusty even after a few hours of wear, I love wearing it even more. The shade reminds me a little bit like Mac - Mehr but muted down into this gorgeous Mauve shade. This is 100% something that I would recommend to you ladies if you're visiting Paris anytime soon or anywhere in the world that has a Sephora store. The official Sephora website now ships to the UK so I've added the link down below so you can add it to your shopping cart today. 

Review: Sephora Cream Lip Stain 'Marvellous Mauve'


I caved into the hype and purchased this last December as it was on offer in Boots for £25 - it came with a toner, eye lotion, 2 muslin cloths and the cleanser itself, bargain right? This is a 100ml bottle of pure goodness, in 4 easy steps you are left with smooth and flawless skin ready for bedtime or make up in the morning. I usually just use the Cleanse & Polish during the evening as I prefer using something more citrus-y in the mornings - something that'll totally wake me up and prepare me for the day.
I usually only need about 1 and half pumps of the product and it removes all my make up, I just rub it all over my face like a regular cream, it melts down the mascara, the foundation and lipstick - end result you do look like a right mess but the best bit is yet to come. Next I rinse my muslin cloth under some warm water and then I simply wipe my face and it all comes off without me having to tug on my skin like some cleansers can make you do, no force is needed it literally glides off!

Personally I think this is such a treat to my skin which is currently dry and de-hydrated, this really nourishes and brings back life to my skin. Did I mention this is suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES!? My friend with acne ( uses this and she has oily skin, she occasionally breaks out and has mentioned on her blog how this product soothes her skin and really calms it down when it's acting up.
I've only recently repurchased this as my December one finally did finish, t did last me a good 7 months which I am chuffed about because I used it almost everyday. I picked this up for £15.50 from my local Boots and it came with 2 muslin cloths. This is so affordable and something that you should definitely think about purchasing - anymore questions don't be afraid to ask at the counter, the woman that I was assisted with was super helpful and really talked me through the product's pro's which convinced me to purchase - 0 regrets here and I'm looking to invest in some more of Liz Earle's Skincare range as it has such amazing ingredients that could help improve my skin!

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser


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