Weekly Update | #3


This week has been so busy, I had a week off from work and I knew it 100% was not going to be chilled out. I went out every single day! I had my friend's baby shower on the Bank Holiday Monday which was so amazing, I actually met some of my viewers too which was super cool! The baby shower made me a little broody I can't lie and even more excited for the little angel to come into this world. I've warned the mother I will spoil this baby head to toe :')

The following day I met up with P from skinfacebeauty.com and we ate at Brioche Burger in the new East Mall in Green St. - it was delicious! Mind you I couldn't finish the burger, it was huge! It was also nice to catch up with P, talk about life typically and just get to know each other more - on that note I saw a quote the other day on Tumblr and it said:

'Someone you know for 5 months can be more loyal than the person you've known for 5. The length of a friendship doesn't determine loyalty'

I can relate to this quote so much when it comes to P, she hasn't been in my life for a long time but she has been incredibly supportive everyday since I can remember, wether it be blog/youtube related or just my life problems she has been there to advise me and encourage me daily.
Getting the right support you need from friends is what really helps you grow within and feel confident.  Love you, I know your reading this and tearing up you big softie but thank you so much - here's to the upcoming years, let's show them what we got! 

some love!

Wednesday we met up again and decided to take some OOTD pictures but failed, so here's the ones we sort of 'like'

Kimono: H&M
Lace Top: Primark
Midi Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
Nike Roshe Runs Original
Necklace: Forever21
Tote Bag: River Island

Burnt Camel Shirt: Bershka 
Jeans: Topshop Joni Jeans
Sandals: Primark
Statement Necklace: Primark
Bag: H&M

Thursday night was Date Night, I finally watched Pitch Perfect 2 and it wasn't as amazing as I was expecting, but never the less Fat Amy did make the film quite hilarious as per usual. I couldn't help but bop my head along to the songs with my boyfriend awkwardly staring at me - sorry babe!
Friday I went out for a bite to eat with him again, came home filmed and then chilled out. Saturday and today has been super chilled, family has been around and it's been a full house so it hasn't been as relaxing but hey who doesn't love a full house? Keeps me warm lol. 

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