MAC Soft & Gentle Loving!


So I was strolling through Spitafields Market in Shoreditch and they have quite a decent sized MAC store - its actually one of my favourite stores to shop in  as they always are stocked up with products. I was initially after the MAC compact foundation but then I was told they only sell it in the bigger MAC stores e.g. Oxford Street and I really wasn't bothered to travel there that day so instead I had a little wonder around, re-purchased my favourite lipstick in Taupe and then had a little look at the highlighters which are called the 'Mineralise Skin Finishes' as they can be used all over the face too.

Now I admit I have enough highlighters at home, but after swatching the ones by MAC I knew I wasn't leaving the store without a purchase. I was stuck between Soft & Gentle & Gold Deposit but when I asked the kind woman working there which one she would recommend and she said Soft & Gentle as it is more wearable for everyday use. 

This highlighter is so beautiful, I find it so hard to describe shades but its a gorgeous champagne colour with a hint of some gold specs. I personally think this highlighter is a universal shade so whether you have pale skin or very deep skin this will look stunning on your cheekbones. This can either give you a very subtle glow or you can get a very bold look by spritzing some MAC Fix+ onto your brush and then applying onto the skin for that pop of glow. I know how I like my highlight to look and majority of the time I like it to stand out the most on my face and this one seriously does that job well. 

This is officially a HOLY GRAIL product of mine and I highly recommend! Definitely worth the £23 you pay for a whooping 10G. Have you used this? Let me know how you got on with it.


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