Weekly Update | #2

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Hey guys! I finally have some images from my week to show you, I'm proud of myself I didn't delete anything *pats on the back*

❥ 1. Lets start off with my manager, being ever so sweet and surprising us all with this massive display of easter eggs, chocolates, mini eggs and cakes! It was such a sweet gesture to thank us for our hard work this term. I'm so happy that I have 2 weeks off for easter now - time to relax! 

❥ 2. Photo booth fun with my best friends, this will never ever get boring and it'll always amuse us (we have also realised that our sense of humour is weak, we laugh at anything)

❥ 3. HOME MADE ME CRY, MADE ME LAUGH AND SERIOUSLY MELTED MY HEART. 'Oh' is now one of my favourites alongside Baymax, Olaf and the minions! Definitely recommend watching that film. 

❥ 4. New makeup from the drugstore! Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte Primer, tried and tested this and I'm loving it so far! It'll be in my upcoming video 'Drugstore Makeup Look'

❥ 5. Getting my 5 a day in, this Mango was delicious! Not too sure about the melon and kiwi, I bought the mixed fruit packs from co-op but they don't taste as nice to when they're fresh! 

❥ 6. Gossmakeupartist replied to me on twitter, little me just tweeted him after seeing him rave about the soniaxfyza foundation technique and then he replied to me! fkajkdjksjaka not only once, but twice! I was screaming, I've been watching the guy for years because I swear every time I typed something into youtube for a review, his always done the honest review on it. I only really trust his reviews, his so humble and not to mention - quite the charming one too!
❥ 7. Cinemas with the family! My brother took my nephew out for his 9th birthday and treated myself and my niece too! We ate at GBK had my favourite meal Classic Cheese with skinny fries which basically is like eating air they are so addictive though lol! Then we pigged it out again at the cinemas with popcorn and ice cream.

❥ 8. OOTN: Bomber Jacket - Bershka Floral Top - H&M High Waisted Jeams - Bershka
Bag - Missguided 

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this little snippet of my week! See you next Sunday 

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