Weekly Update | #1


Hey! So today isn't going to be a 'bullet point' Sunday Post, neither is it going to have images full of my week as it should have, thats because I am terrible at keeping photos on my phone. I like to delete them after I've backed them up on my laptop and then have a phone full of memory! I think thats the opposite to most people, my best friend has over 1000 pictures on her phone - I guess its just me.

Okay, so how has my week been? A little crappy, if I'm honest. It's not been the best week, you know when you're just exhausted with 'life' its been one of those weeks which I honestly haven't had in a really long time, so I'm probably over-reacting, but going from being very on track and happy go lucky since the beginning of this year to real life issues catching up it's pretty overhwelming. February was a really good month for many reasons - but March and me just haven't been getting along at all.

On a brighter note, today - Sunday, is Mothers Day! I trekked all the way to Columbia Rd. Flower Market (highly recommend taking a visit there, on a sunny day it's beyond amazing, the people there are so friendly and they have such cute vintage-y shops!) to buy her some fresh roses! 
It was quite a dull day - it was raining a little and it was the type of weather that makes you want to snuggle into bed with a hot water bottle and have a Pretty Little Liars Marathon. If I'm honest, I'm glad I went out, the beautiful flowers surrounding me really put me in a better mood for today..

See you all next week, with a better Sunday Post!


  1. I need to visit this flower market!

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