Insecurities, Online Hate & Comparison


Hey guys! So this post has been overdue for a very long time. I've been contemplating for days whether I should go ahead and just write how I've been feeling but what stops me is that ...

1) I'll be bashed with more hate 
2) I don't want my loyal & amazing subscribers to think I'm forgetting them 
3) I don't want to hurt anyones feelings neither do I want to come across like a bitch...

I wanted to just write about my weeks, my days, and my crazy few months of Youtube Success & Blogging. I started up my channel a few months ago, and as it went on I gained loads of amazing subscribers each day and seriously felt the love from majority of you. There's now over 1,500 of you watching me which alone is so overwhelming for someone that has heavy social anxiety. Youtube has become a big part of my life now, and I'm not ashamed of it. I post videos 1/2 a week to share my tips, favourites, hauls etc and it makes me so happy seeing that you guys actually like watching me ramble on for 5-15 minutes. BUT there are some people that honestly can be so awful. I thought I'd touch down on the 3 things that have been happening the most and pretty much since I've started Blogging & Youtube. 

Everyone has them. Little things about yourselves that you would much rather not have, it may be habits, facial features, weight ...anything that you personally dislike about yourself that another person may envy and want. I have insecurities. I just like to talk about mine in my videos because its a way of me expressing them - but that doesn't mean I'm directing anything at you watching. 

Whatever it may be I'm talking about, it is solely about myself. I have 0 intention on making anyone feel crap about themselves. I am aware that there are some of you out there that look up to me, and say I'm like a role model which is ever so sweet - but I'd just like you all to know that I am also a human, I have real life issues my life isn't just what you see on youtube, Instagram & on here - I have bills to pay, errands to run, real life issues just like you.

I've been receiving messages on my askfm. from people basically telling me their done with watching me because I spoke about something that I dislike about my face, which I understand why it might have made them feel upset but I still quite don't understand to why it was assumed that it was about them? I for one know what my intention was, and it wasn't ever to make anyone feel down about themselves that is the very last thing I would ever want - because I know how it feels to look at someone and think 'wow, she is perfect' and then you just in your brain you jot down all the things that are wrong with your face/body and that's when you begin to feel unworthy

Remember that the person you want to look like may have a dozen more insecurities than you think. So I want you all to know you are beyond perfect, with every single flaw that you have. It makes you YOU. Including myself, this is a reminder to myself that yes Minara, you have things on your face/body that you don't really like - but remember it's not the end of the world, you either improve on what's there that could be improved on, and you learn to accept and love yourself. Life is way too short for us to sit here and dwell on things that cannot be changed. Learn to love yourself and the skin that you was born in. You are all perfect, don't ever forget.

Online Hate

This is something that I spoke about in my VLOG a while back, I was getting loads of horrible messages on my askfm. again and I was just so confused to why? I addressed this and it stopped for a while but it's started up again - and do you know what? I couldn't give a monkeys anymore. I will not not let a random person behind a phone screen/laptop to send me hate and try to make me feel crap about myself. The only thing that upsets me is the fact that someone is so sad and lonely that they are sending me these messages, and I wish, I wish I could somehow just stop them from being so evil minded for no apparent reason.

'Minara your fat'

'Minara you edit your pictures to much'
'Minara your not uploading on the right day'

Minara this Minara that, just stop it. It's unnecessary. Like a supportive anon said the other day:
'There is so much hate in the blogging world, why can't everyone be civil, enjoy reading reviews and finding dupes without having to comment something irrelevant?' 

I am no longer fazed by this, and its so true what the anon above said - stop the negativity and spread good vibes. No one has time for online hate, and from now on I will not be answering any hateful q's that come onto my askfm, I am not satisfying a haters needs. 

This is the main one, my goodness. Daily, I am told that I am copying another blog, I'm doing something like this blog that blog it drives me insane! Because no one sees or understands the time and effort we put into our posts and then to be told 'oh you've copied this persons post' is just irritating and quite hurtful.

Recently I completely abandoned blogging and just was focused on my Youtube Channel and tbh I missed blogging so much I've literally been drafting up posts as much as I can to get back into this again. So in my defence, the fact that I get told I am copying someones blogposts baffles me - because I haven't even been blogging. Comparison is such a big thing I don't think people realise how bad it is, for yourself and others. I don't think you guys realise, how different each and everyones blog is - its made to be unique, and that's how I feel like mine comes across. The way we write, the way our blogs look, the way we take pictures - everything we do when it comes down to blogging is different. I admit there may be some similarities, but its not copying - most bloggers have to do very similar things because as a blogger that is how we promote our blogposts.

I think in this day and age, it's not like how it used to be for famous and successful bloggers like Zoella, Beautycrush, Tanya Burr, Pixie Woo etc. They would and still post about the SAME products, review the same things about a certain item they all may have, but are they fighting or is anyone saying anything about that? No. Why? Because it is not that deep - it's not a bad thing if someone has the same product as the other, it does not matter who bought it first and it most certainly doesn't mean someone is copying the other because they have bought it first. That is just pathetic, and whoever came up with this theory of whoever buys a certain product and reviews it first practically owns it - is stupid. To end this blogpost, I would just like you all to know this isn't me having a go at every single one of you, it's certain and probably even a handful of people sending me the continuous hate and I just wanted them to be well aware that I am not taking it anymore.

I have decided for a while I will be switching off my ask box, this week has been super crazy and I just want to take a little break.


  1. Aw Minara I absolutely love reading your posts and watching your videos! I'm so happy that you've stopped caring about what they're saying, but if it does ever get to you, remember that they're only a few and there's more than a thousand of us who love to read/watch you! x

    TR's Thoughts

  2. Love you cutie

    Thuy xx //

  3. You are beautiful and seem like the sweetest person, keep doing what you're doing!


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