Review: Dior Star Foundation


So I caved in and purchased this foundation that has been raved about over the blogosphere - 
and I'm happy to say I wasn't too disappointed. 

I bought this in the Shade 40 - Honey Beige and I am so glad! 31 matched me perfectly on my face, but comparing it to my neck it looked odd only because my lower body is much darker than my face - my cheeks are super pale with a few pink blemishes that is why I like to opt for the shade darker. The coverage is absolutely perfect for myself lightweight but medium, I don't think this foundation is a 'buildable' foundation, it doesn't look cakey but you know when your skin just feel heavy? And the more I tried to blend, it was starting to look orange. I have to admit it transfers like crazy (I've tried and tested this - lets just say I'm never wearing my white blouse & Dior Star out to date night again, you can imagine the embarrassment) not to mention maybe this is just on my skin, but if I've used too much it starts to break into my laugh lines after a few hours and it doesn't look flattering, so I would say stick to the 1/1 half pump for your face as it gives the right amount of coverage to make your skin look naturally flawless, too much will only make your skin look cakey and feel extremtly heavy. 

 *Remember* let your skin breathe when wearing foundation, it shouldn't be worn as a mask but to enhance your natural skin, giving it the extra flawless finish and glow. At first I used this foundation using the Real Techniques buffing brush my foundation looked like it had loads of streaky lines and I hated it so I tried using a beauty blender and it looked amazing, it blended seamlessly into my skin and I was impressed. Although I pretty much am useless when it comes to using a beauty blender but this foundation made it really easy as it moved around the skin very well without it feeling slippery. 

Only negative thing I can say about this foundation is the fact that it transfers without a setting powder, so no matter what I always have to set my face when I use this unlike some of my other holy grail foundations e.g MAC Face & Body, Bobbi Brown etc. The only other thing is that I think Dior could improve on is the lack of shades this collection has, I think its hard for people that are in between like myself for example - 31 and 40, 40 being too dark and 31 being too grey for me so I think if they made a 35 it would be perfect mix and I'm sure it would help loads of girls out there. Other than those two critics, I think Dior Star is an amazing foundation for both dry skin girls and oily/combo. 

This will be super hydrating for girls with dry skin as I feel like it sinks in really well, and doesn't cling onto my dry patches ever. I think people with extremely oily skin can control their oily t-zones or any areas buy using a matte primer and powdering because this foundation isn't actually a 'dewy' finished foundation it sets pretty satin on the skin.

 I recommend picking up a tiny tester - just to see which shade suits you best because lighting in the makeup counters are a total deception, so take it home wear it and test it out in your own time before taking the plunge. High end foundations cost £31+ so don't make the mistake of purchasing something so expensive when it isn't your cuppa tea after a few hours. 


  1. Do you know how I might be able to pick up a sample of this?

    1. Yes of course you can, go to a local boots that has Dior & I'm sure they'll provide you with one

  2. There's a shade 033 that's in between 031 and 040


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