Every once in a while you can get yourself in a 'mood' you know the ones that just make you feel like complete sh**? And you feel like the world is falling apart, your falling apart and everyone around you just doesn't help make matters easier? It happens to me too and I thought I'd share with you guys 10 things I like to do, to put me back into my jolly old mood again. Now here's a disclaimer, I don't always do these things, honestly I probably do 2/3 things out of this list but I can tell you it really helps - this is just for you to read and remember it is always going to be here to remind you that only YOU can put yourself into a good mood. 

1. Lists Of Happiness 
Writing lists are my favourite things to do, bucket lists, to do lists, ...what I want for my birthday list.. Just kidding but lists are super important when it comes to being happy. Write down 10 things that you are happy about - whether it be in the present, past or whats to come. Write it all down and whenever you are feeling down turn to that page, and let your smile gleam. Remember, there will always be something/someone/situations that will bring you down but nothing can compare to something that has made you happy from within. Recognise the important things in life.

2. Don't Compare Yourself To Others 
Ahh, the big book of comparison. It happens, I admit I've caught myself doing it a few times and it literally puts you in the worst mood! But think of it like this, if we all were the exact same, from looks, personality, sense of style and everything in between - would that be any fun? This world would be so boring, and we would not be the amazing unique selves that we are today. From every beauty spot to every hair on our body is different to each person you walk past daily, and I wouldn't want it any different. Learn to love yourself, accept every flaw, and remember you are imperfectly perfect. 

3. Eating Good & Exercising 
I never realised how important this is until I started gym and eating healthy myself. I know, it's probably boring to hear and read now but eating healthy/gym can put you in the BEST mood ever! Your lifestyle has the biggest impact on your happiness you don't realise until you take the chance. It has kept me so happy ever since I've started, and it makes me feel good about myself. This doesn't mean I don't have all things sweets anymore, because I do - but only YOU can control yourself. Also, take it one step at a time, changing lifestyles is a big thing and it cannot be done over night. 

4. Does It Really Matter? 
If there is something right now on your mind that is bugging you, ask yourself this question and be completely honest with yourself: 
Will it matter in a few months time? Will it matter next year? 
You have your answer. 

5. 'Me Time'
I absolutely love me time, the time where I literally say goodbye to everything - and focus on myself. This is probably one of the most important things to do, so depending on how busy your day to day life is try your very best to take time out for yourself - do your favourite things. Bake, read your favourite magazine/book, or maybe even a pamper night? My favourite thing to do. Just do what makes you feel good. 

6. Forgive, Forget, Move On 
There are things in our lives that will always just be there, lingering in your mind and some days they will creep on you and make you feel sad. The only way to remove that from your life is by learning to forgive, learning to forget and move on. This is hard, because there are certain things you cannot let go and you probably still are pretty mad about, but what does that do to you? It makes you feel and think negative, and it will never have a good impact in your life. So once you have done the 3 things above, moving on is no longer a choice its something that will happen to you instantly and soon you'll feel better. You literally are letting go of negativity that is in deep in your mind and there is no way of it returning back to make you sad and angry again.  

7. Do What Makes You Happy. 
Repeat after me - We (you, me, everyone) don't live to please others. Don't fall into peer-pressure and anything that makes you doubt what you are about to do - because that itself makes you unhappy and puts you on edge. So cut out the things that come your way that could possibly make you unhappy - control your life, your happiness. 

8. Good Friends, Good Company 
I now live by this and have learnt from past friendships that have gone somewhat wrong - it's so important to surround yourself with positive minded people that make you genuinely happy, remove the ones that make you feel crap about yourself and don't even be afraid to do it. Some days you just need your friends to pick up the pieces for you and those friends are the friends you'll want to keep for a lifetime. Learn from mistakes, learn from bad friendships and appreciate the ones that have been there from the very beginning.

9. Haters gon' Hate
Oh they always will, but learn to literally not give a d a m n
Someone will always have something negative to say about you, a irrelevant opinion. You may do the kindest thing in the entire world but there is still a handful of negative people that like to find something wrong in you, and pin you down with it. Show them no care, which is extremely hard trust me, 99% of the time I respond because I'm angry but there is literally no stopping a hater. Don't add fuel to the fire - block, report and smile.

10. Positive Mind, Positive Life
The more you implement this in your life, the more you attract positive vibes. Spread the goodness, smile at a random person, say good morning, say thank you to the bus driver. Every little positive thing you do, increases the love you have for yourself, you feel good, and most importantly - you feel happy.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and it's made you feel empowered because honestly only YOU can do the things above to make you a better person. Take it a step at a time, and watch how your life changes in the best way ever.

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