I purchased this foundation after reading a few reviews & watching a few first impression/demos on  youtube, I was feeling to treat myself to a high end foundation - not that I need anymore than I already have, but like any other beauty blogger I think we tend to get into a cycle of purchasing & collecting these fancy products. 

Now this foundation out of the entire range was the one that would give me the 'dewy' finish, I did have the choice between this one and the foundation stick but seeing as my skin can sometimes be really oily and from my experience with the FitMe Foundation Stick which didn't go so well as the foundation was slipping and sliding everywhere I opted for Skin Foundation. I was matched to a perfect 4.0 but I feel much comfortable buying 1 shade darker with almost every single one of my foundations. The reason to that is my neck is darker than my face and you should ALWAYS remember to match and blend foundation into your neck, theres nothing worse than having a grey/ashy face with a dark neck.

What I love the most about this foundation is that it's super light weight on my skin, even lighter than my MAC face & body foundation! It has 100% got to be the fastest foundation ever to sink into my skin, but not in the way that I don't have enough time to blend, I have more than enough time to blend but and it's just so effortless. I buff this into my skin and it takes me less than a minute I swear & it leaves my skin super flawless but glowing! This foundation has a range of shades to choose from catering for ALL women of colour, I also LOVE the fact this comes with a pump, overly excited for a pump I know but recently I've noticed loads of foundations are coming out with this stupid idea of not providing us with a pump. Excuse me did I just pay £30+ for a foundation that comes without a pump? Cough Cough, Nars Sheer Glow.

Now if you are someone looking for full coverage foundation you won't be getting that with this particular one but like I mentioned this is very light on the skin, one layer gives me the perfect coverage and if I do want anything else covered I just pump a little bit more onto my brush and buff it in there without having to cake on another extra layer. I would say this foundation can get a light-medium coverage which isn't too bad for everyday use. 

I have oily/combo skin, and this works so well without it making me look like a grease ball which I know majority of the oily/combo skin type girlies worry about the most - I promise you it works fine, and if you do get oily during the day you can easily pop some powder on top and I usually use the MAC Studio Fix Powder.

Review: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation

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