I'm back with yet another foundation review and it's the only matte foundation I own and adore! I bought this a few months ago - treated myself to an Eid gift and no surprise it was make up.
Out of all the matte foundations I have used and I've used many due to the fact I have oily/combo skin this is the only one that has won me over.

Application & Duration
Personally I think the formula is pretty thick but I think thats down to the coverage it gives off. I use about a pump and a half to do my entire face and neck and it covers my blemishes so well. With one layer it gives an amazing flawless and even finish to the skin so I don't really need to build on it, I think with this foundation and the consistency of it - it'll end up looking pretty cakey and we'd rather avoid that look. 

This foundation is slightly orange when pumped out but it doesn't at all look that way once its on my skin. Since this foundation has a matte finish I don't feel the need to powder on top because I think my skin will begin to feel and look very dry so I avoid that step, if you feel like you need to powder during the day when you've gotten oilier by all means do so. The duration of this foundation has got to be the most long lasting one I've used so far - I wear it mostly on special occasions and noticed that it stays flawless throughout the entire day and photgraphs perfectly. 

This does have a very noticeable scent to it just to put it out there for you ladies that hate scented foundations/have sensitive skin - personally I fall in love with the scent over and over again every time I wear it.

Overall this foundation totally won me over and never lets me down! It's the perfect amount of matte, it doesn't leave my skin dry at all. If you're looking for something that gives you that instant flawless base to work with this foundation is definitely one to look into trying.

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Hi guys! :)
So I've been meaning to try this foundation for a few months but have been umming and arring wether I should because of the 50/50 reviews - seems like you either love it or you hate it! My case I have actually loved it, this is a versatile product you can either use it to have very sheer coverage or use your fingers to give you medium/full coverage. Let me begin to explain with the sheer coverage, you can either use a brush (I use my real techniques buffing brush) and buffing it in and this then begins to look VERY skin like and ever so flawless. This has such a perfect radiant glow to it, leaving your skin looking very dewy but nothing over the top.  
Shade: C5
I also enjoy using this with my fingers when I need higher coverage and since this product is quite runny (water resistance foundations usually are pretty watery anyways) you don't need a lot of product because once you rub this into the skin you'll then begin to feel it become more thicker in consistency, and once that happens all you do is blend into your face as you would and you will notice that the coverage is much better. I know some people worry about using their fingers because you think you are loosing out on product but honestly with this I don't feel like it's removing or smudging my foundation at all. 

1 squirt of this done my entire face and neck WITH left overs. So always remember a little goes a long way, theres two sizes to choose from - I opted for the bigger size because there's only a £6/7 difference between them, 50ml is £21 & 120ml is £28.  Hope this post was helpful, and gives you a little idea on how this foundation works on my oily/combo skin. 

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