£1 Primark Facial Cleansing Pad


Hi guys! Here goes my first review...
So I was queueing up in Primark and as you all know they have little essentials or make up in bowls that I always end up picking up and looking at - gosh I must be that annoying person to be behind but
anyways so whilst I was snooping around I spotted this Facial Cleansing Pad and was quite intrigued by it - I picked it up had a little feel of it from the outside just to see if they bristles were really hard because I didn't want to use something that could possibly do damage to my face, just being extra pre-cautious here guys. After I had a good old feel I knew it was safe to buy because it is super soft.

Later that night I got my camomile cleansing oil from the body shop and applied it onto my face like I usually would and because the cleansing pad has a handy little gap where you can put your fingers through in circular motions I began removing my make up. I was in shock horror because whilst doing this my make up was coming of even better than it does with a normal muslin cloth. The bristles are so soft on the face and it removed all traces of make up. When it comes to the eyes I'm always extra gentle - I swiped the pad over the eyes a few times to break down the eyeliner and mascara - it really does make you look like you have panda eyes but then later it was very easy to was my face without having black liner/mascara around my face. 

The material of the pad is silicone so it is very easy to clean and it won't stain because it's that material where nothing will stick onto it. I definitely recommend this guys and it only cost me £1 - its such a nifty little skincare product to have for even on the go!

Thank you for reading once again, catch ya soon!


  1. I saw this the other day in Primark! Was sooo tempted to get it but ended up leaving it. Definitely gonna purchase it after reading this post. Thank you hun xxx

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