Disclaimer- Before I get into the review I just quickly want to clarify that this is solely how I feel about the lenses, how they feel in my eyes and how they feel after they've been taken out, what I experience may not be what you do so please take this into consideration.

I read a few reviews online before purchasing because I was sceptical seeing as they're so cheap and I was worried incase my eyes would get damaged. Some reviews did say that these particular lenses do not allow enough oxygen in the eyes which can be damaging in the long run however contact lenses aren't very good for your eyes regardless so it's a risk you take. 

The website is easy to navigate, it has a drop down menu of loads of brands that you can pick from and then you choose the ones you're currently using and provide an alternative for you. Depending on your prescription the price does change but I paid £11 for mine, which is so much cheaper than what I usually pay for only 30 contacts where as with these daily disposables I get 32 in a pack.

Verdict - the contact lenses are beyond perfect! They feel comfortable and don't dry my eyes out anymore than the usual (I suffer with really dry eyes anyways) I always have to top up with eye drops throughout the day because of that reason. However I should mention that the lenses are slightly bigger than the usual and slightly thicker, you'd think that would irritate my eyes but it honestly just feels the same. Of course as I mentioned this may not be the case for you but for the price you can always just try a months worth to see if it works for you and if it doesn't throw them away.

If there was anything I could change it would be the packaging, I personally find it quite fiddly because its all in one pack like tablets, I have to cut around it and then peel the foil over which is time consuming. I do wish they changed it but I guess this is why it is at a cheaper price because its all in one packet. I've worn them for around 5 hours the maximum being around 8 hours and they've felt normal, around the 7/8th hour of wear they do feel dry but again as I mentioned that's expected because I do suffer with severe dry eyes.

Overall I highly recommend these contacts seeing as they are cheap and cheerful, I won't be going back to paying £35 per month because if you times that by 12 you do end up spending over £300 which is crazy.



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When NIP+FAB first released their beauty range I didn't fall into the hype straight away, the only thing I ended up purchasing was their eyeshadow palette and I completely avoided their liquid lipsticks as they looked far too light for my complexion - I prefer darker browns/nudes/pinks. 

A few days ago I picked up the concealer in '20' and the orange corrector after seeing quite a few people on instagram using them in mini tutorials, what drew me into purchasing the corrector was that it wasn't super orange like all the other correctors I've ever used - sometimes I find the colour still peaks through my foundation making that area look orange and I really hate it when that happens because I don't want to be adding tones of foundation on top to get rid of the orange-ness on my skin.

What I've loved about the NIP+FAB corrector is that it doesn't peak through my foundation and it's much thinner in consistency which is a plus because then my under eyes doesn't feel as heavy and caked on. It colour corrects my pigmented areas so much better comparing it to a popular corrector like L.A girl orange corrector or the NYX one, its slightly lighter and not as full on which I personally prefer.

The concealer is amazing - the formula is thicker which I don't mind because it has great coverage although I do feel like they need a shade in-between because 20 blends into almost my foundation shade and I usually like it to be a tad lighter. After the concealer sets it looks so flawless, I was in awe because it looked like I had already set it with a powder thats how nicely it settled into my skin!

They both get a thumbs up from me, I highly recommend them and its currently half price in store and online for only £4.47! 



I'm a little late to the bandwagon but I finally have tried and tested this foundation!

Foundation claims: The Ordinary Colours Coverage Foundations with SPF15 are full-coverage formulations available in a comprehensive shade range across 21 shades. When applied, the formulations blend in effortlessly with your natural tones and your skin glows. These foundations contain higher pigment levels than the Serum Foundations but still offer a smooth finish that avoids the heavy makeup look that can make skin appear more aged. The texture is that of a lightweight, non-oily cream.
Let's get right into it, the foundation has a wide range of shades with 4 different undertones to choose from - Yellow, Pink, Red and Neutral so there should be a colour that suits your complexion. Saying that I did have to pick 2 shades which were 2.1Y and 3.0Y only because after reading some mixed reviews online I felt like 2.1Y would be slightly too light for me because my neck is much darker than my face. Surprisingly 2.1Y matched me perfectly (my current mac shade is NC40) so I didn't need the darker shade after all but its ok I'll use it during the summer when I tan some more.

At first when I applied the foundation it looked a little off colour but as I moved onto the other side it settled down to my exact shade which goes to prove that the claim of it 'effortlessly blending with the natural tones of your skin' does actually work!
image does not belong to me.
The foundation is absolutely amazing, it has medium-full coverage and it can be built on because of its light weight consistency - it doesn't even look cakey which is what I love the most about this product. I prefer using this with a complexion sponge because it really does push the product into the skin making it look like 'my skin but better'. The finish of this foundation I'd like to say is semi-matte which I usually hate because I have dry skin but it didn't look bad on my skin what so ever - it actually left my skin looking radiant which you guys know I love in a foundation.

The longevity of the foundation is amazing, I wear it to work (7am-5pm) and by the end of the day even without touch ups my skin still looks flawless, it does come off around my nose but thats because I touch my face a lot so its bound to come off and in the t-zone it does look slightly oily but again I don't carry make up with me to work so it's expected. I am 100% sure if you carry powder and you touch up after 4-5 hours of wear the foundation would still look intact!

Other than that the foundation lasts a really long time on my skin and I'm impressed with it, its been my go-to foundation ever since I purchased it and I will 100% be repurchasing this when it runs out. For the price you really can't go wrong, £5.90 for a bottle which is cheaper than your usual drugstore foundation and not to mention they have a better shade range too. I've linked a video down below which gave me an idea on what shade I could possibly be, I hope it helps you all!



Testing: The Ordinary Full-Coverage Foundation

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I already absolutely love the original pure clay masks that came out last year, I bought all 3 at the time and did a full review that you can read here. L'Oreal recently launched 2 more masks which is super exciting seeing as the last 3 did not fail to impress me. The blue one combats spot/blemish prone skin and the yellow one is to illuminate and even out skin tone - I'm most excited to use this one because I suffer with hyper-pigmentation and this contains ingredients that will help even out my complexion. 

I've only used the blue mask once and I loved it, it cleansed my skin thoroughly without drying it out and that is my biggest fear when it comes to using a face mask because I already suffer from dry skin and I hate that horrible feeling when your skin just feels extra de-hydrated. It does make me look like an avatar but hey as long as it does the job who cares! What I love the most is that you can easily multi-mask with these depending on where you need more brightening or a real detox. I will keep you posted on my instagram on how I get on with both of these.

Blemish Rescue Mask
• Features a powerful blend of 3 Pure Clays combined with Marine Algae Extract.
• Ideal for spots / blemish prone skin.
• Unclogs blackheads and leaves the skin pure and fresh without drying it out
• Three Pure Clays and combined them with Marine Algae extract, known for its anti-blemish properties
• Creamy texture targets deep into the pores, to unclog blackheads and clear imperfections, leaving the skin pure and fresh without drying it out

Pure Clay Bright Face Mask
• Features a powerful blend of 3 Pure Clays combined with Yuzu Lemon.
• Clarifies skin tone and helps to freshen and illuminate the skin
• Designed for ethnic skin.
• Skin-evening properties
• Enriched with natural exfoliators, cleanses deep into the pores to absorb oil and remove dead skin cells without drying skin out

The Brightening Mask has little exfoliating beads in it like the original exfoliate and refining mask (orange one) and it feels so creamy I love it. The Blemish Mask have a really cooling effect on my skin too, I honestly can't wait to see results after using these for a longer time.


NEW IN THE DRUGSTORE: L'Oreal Pure Clay Face Masks


I cannot tell you guys how excited and happy I am now that I'm off for 6 weeks! Whoooohoooo I literally cannot wait to just enjoy the sun (even though as I write this the weather is kind of crappy but hey thats the British weather for you) and just relax. I am off to Malta for 5 days next week and I thought I'd film a 'What's in My Travel Bag' video because lots of people requested it and I feel like it would really help someone that's travelling for the first time - you can watch the video here to have a peak at what I will be taking in my carry on!

I included this super cute passport holder in the video which I bought for myself and my best friend before going to Turkey 2 years ago. Call me extra but I love the little details, and hey if I'm honest its so 'instagram-able' isn't it?




I've had this foundation for a while now but never really reached out to it until a few days ago when I used it for my Eid Make Up Tutorial (watch here) and I fell in love with the finish, coverage and longevity.

I've never heard anything about Eve Lom, I have seen it in my local Space.NK but its not a stand that I would gravitate towards - I usually just walk past it and go to the usual NARS, Laura Mercier etc. My bestfriend told me about this when it was on sale on the Space.NK website for £12 reduced from a whooping £50 so I thought I had to buy it, test it and see why it had such a huge price tag. 

The product itself is thicker than your typical foundation, it comes in this gorgeous sleek frosted bottle and with a pump dispenser which is always a plus! I matched myself to the shade '12 Honey', the shade lower had more of a pinky undertone and I have more of a yellow complexion so this one was the better option for me. Also my neck is slightly darker than my face so I like to go a shade up in foundations so that it matches my body.

The coverage of this foundation had me surprised, its medium to build-able but you can also use a little bit so it works like a tinted moisturiser too. It blends in really well giving me a 'my skin but better' finish, I use a complexion sponge/beauty blender as I feel like its the best tool to reach out to when doing your base make up because it really pushes the product into your skin. I've worn this to work (8am-5pm) and I would say it started to slowly come off by 4pm which isn't too bad seeing as I've had it on since around 7am. I did have to powder my t-zone but again for me thats normal as I do get shiny in those areas throughout the day.

It definitely gives a radiant look to my very dull skin and I have received many compliments when I've worn this, however the one and only downside for me is that the formula is very sticky even after setting it with a powder. Sometimes my brushes will shed and when the bristles are on my face I personally find it such a pain to take off, it gets stuck due to the product being super tacky still. This is the only downfall to this foundation but other than that I have loved using this, it currently is still on offer for £12 on the Space.NK website but with only 3 shades left to purchase out of the 15 they have in total - which I think they need to expand on. You can purchase it directly from the website for £25, still saving you £25 and its cheaper than most high-end foundations. 

purchase here - Eve Lom
purcase here (limited shades available) - Space.NK

Review: Eve Lom Radiance Lift Foundation

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I'm going on holiday in a few months time and was in need of a small travel bag to put all my necessities in for when I'm on the plane. When I visited Paris 2 years ago naturally due to the horrible recycled air in the plane my skin felt stripped of its natural oils and super dry/dull so this time I was not going to risk that happening again, I will be putting my skincare favourites in this little bag to make sure my skin stays nice and moist during my journey. I will be doing a video soon on what I'll be taking with me on holiday - from skincare, make-up and clothes so stay tuned for that in the next few weeks.

I purchased this customised bag from eBay, it cost me less than £10 and it fits all the bits and bobs that I will 100% be using on the plane. I think anything that's customised with your name on it just adds a cute little touch, don't you think? There's 3 sizes to choose from - small, medium and large but I opted for size small because it fits perfectly into my side bag and so do the travel size containers I've bought to go inside. I love the font too it's chic and right up my street - for now its living on my desk until I'm ready to pack and fly out!

Personalised Travel/Make-Up Bag


I'm late to the bandwagon but I finally purchased this concealer and have been dying to feed back to you all on how I got on with it. For reference I am the shade 'Ginger' for the NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer and 'Medium' for the Born This Way Concealer.

The shade that I matched myself to was 'Medium Neutral' but I personally think that its not yellow enough, I love having my under eyes very bright and radiant however this is definitely more on the neutral side. I could have gone a shade up (Medium Dark Warm) as it did have more of a yellow/warm undertone but I wanted something to highlight under the eyes with and that shade was too much like my skin tone. With that being said this concealer has not failed to give me that flawless/brightening effect, it doesn't look as radiant as the Born This Way Concealer but it does leave a lovely matte finish under the eyes that I love.

I actually fell in love with the applicator, its slightly longer than your typical applicator. Both sides pick up the exact amount that you need so you won't be going back and fourth dipping it into the tube!

The coverage is medium-buildable, it doesn't cake up or feel heavy under the eyes which is always on the plus side. I feel like I get the best finish when using my real techniques complexion sponge as it really pushes the product into my skin, the texture of the concealer is creamy which makes the process of it going on much smoother.

Over all I've loved using this, if you have dry under eyes I would recommend using an eye cream underneath to prep the area before applying the product, doing this step before hand always helps the product go on much smoother. The only downside for me was the paint like smell, for me its too strong and does put me off sometimes but other than that this concealer has done a great job.

As a beauty club member you can get free standard delivery using the code 'SHA5'

Review: Urban Decay Naked Concealer


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